Super loose outline for pharmacy/biomed/biotech that spans as long as you want for homeschoolies

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This was written for 15 year old @gorc who hates bookwork but has grudgingly accepted that that's how some things have to be learned. It was written to squeeze in once a week but ideally should probably be done every day (he is trying at least XD). If you're a bit more enthusiastic you can substitute the ORs for ANDs.


Two pages out of each workbook


one section out of each of the following Khan Academy courses:


One section out of each of the following Khan Academy courses:


Two pages out of each English book


the KA grammar course.

English workbooks and/or any long form writing should be used in addition to or instead of the grammar course but it's a useful absolute bare minimum if you have children like mine who hate it so much you almost can't even pay them to do it.

Useful extras

If you're 16+, theoretically doing the equivalent units at Open Universities should help you get into the uni course, but we haven't been able to test or ask someone who actually knows that yet.

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Thanks for looking! ^_^

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So when I was raising my whelps, I would find things we could do that illustrated science in action. We helped to feed the baby smolts at a salmon hatchery, and they learned to take water temps, chart feeding times and amounts, and got to see the wee fishy's grow. It translates the dry text into real world benefits.

Even took them on a field trip to take genetic samples down at the docks in Garibaldi for a population dynamics study I participated in.

You may not have salmon hatcheries in Oz, but nurseries can be just as scientifically rewarding, and probably smell a lot better since they're raising flowers instead =)


I used to do stuff like that when they were younger, though getting mine to chart anything has always been an epic battle (we've done rainfall and plant growth, haven't tried fish growth as the ones in our aquaponics are hard to see XD

We still do mostly practical stuff, just eldest has to do more theoretical stuff now given what he wants to get into. Fortunately he is interested in it and has voluntarily done extra on occasion. I think if he had the option to do extra algebra and chemistry instead of English he would take that in a heartbeat XD

Nurseries only smell so much better depending on how much manure they're using ;D

I couldn't pay my eldest or motivate her in any way to do something I wanted her to do. In the end, she had to have chosen to do it herself. She ended up doing the STAT to get onto her uni course. Good idea to start looking into open uni for courses now for those slow on motivation. Could he even start some things now? 🤔 I forget what age they can do OU.

I sometimes think their ambition is bigger than they their motivation, but at least they'll get there if the ambition is big enough to motivate them a bit more.

It was 16 from memory but I'm not 100% on that.

I think most people's ambitions are bigger than their motivations XD

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