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What to do when a toy is broken? To make A NEW toy of it!:)

Garbage is a place of treasure;) there are so many useful things there, and many of them can have their second life easy if we use our creativity and patience.

For example!
Look here - what is it? Broken abacus:(


  1. At first I wanted to throw it to the garbage ....but then I saw these wonderful sticks and beads ....and I had a great idea to reuse them!

At first I proposed my son to play a new beads game to train speed and attention

I drew a line of colourful beads and we both had to repeat this line with the help of real beads. The first player is the winner;)




He liked the idea! Game + competition:)
He was in a hurry, he made mistakes, but the more lines he made the better he was, and in 10 min of this easy game he was very fast and attentive!
It works!

  1. Then I had another idea;)
    To use sticks! Early we used matches and toothpicks for such games, but now we had metal sticks - new sticks - new game:)

I drew a figures made of sticks, and my boy had to repat them with real sticks.

He was very fast and successful in this game. Our past practice gave results;)



  1. And the 3rd game I created was with colours, beads and letters

I wrote the first letters of all colours and my boy had to look at the letter, get what colour it meant and put the bead of the same colour nearby.

It was rather hard for him (we never played this game before, and we only started to study reading, letters and how words are made of them). But he succed after 2-3 attempts! So my game works fine;)


I was very creative that day - 3 games for 5 min:)

And the main we both got pleasure!
No, 3 of us! Broken abacus liked its 2nd chance to be used too;)


How nice. I love your imagination. It certainly is a great idea that turns out to ne very helpful for your son.

Congratulations a wonderful use for that abaco, I agree with you broken toys can serve us, everything that sometimes we think we should throw away with a little creativity becomes, as you have shown, in wonderful ideas that make our little ones happy. Thank you for this idea