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One more cool game to make Maths interesting and funny for kids.

To help our kids count fast and easy, we must train this skill rather long and using different situations and examples.
Such Maths games create funny atmosphere and make studying easy and amazing.

So I took a piece of paper and divide it into 3 parts.
I could make 1 variant of a game but I wanted to compare which one would work better for my son.

So I wrote numbers, dots like on dices and some fish.
The goal of the game is to roll the dice and to find numbers, fish or dots that can make this very sum in total.

For example

6 = 3+3

We marked each try with the definite colour to count who has more squares in the end of the game.

The same tules work for other parts of the game.

10= 5+4+1 we can choose any quantity of numbers to make the final sum

So we've 3 rounds, and my son was very happy to win:) He likes to be a winner, who doesn't liek it yeah?:)

I try my best to make his studying interesting and full of positive emotions;)🌟


I really like yoyr teaching style. It's so relaxed and so much fun! Now that we're on a Christmas break (well my kid is, I'm still not done checking her exams and recording her grades) we're going to try this fun activity when her cousins come over for their holiday vacay!

do you already have holiday vacay? Here school pupils still suffer in their schools;) holidays will start only in 2 weeks.
Yeah, you're right - much fun and relax, I think it's the best and the most effevctive education.
Thank you!!🌟❤️

That's the fun in homeschooling. We get to decide when we start our breaks.

yeahh.... and in general we decide everything, we are FREE, and it's pleasure:)

Looks fun & engaging! Perfect for an afternoon activity, while chillin' inside on these cold days! We'll try this for sure, promise!!

I'm sure it's too easy for your Maths genius, so take 2 cubes or even 3:))💚

Haha. You're funny! But yes, I know he'll do this in seconds. But still, he enjoys it, no matter if the exercises are easy for him. I guess its normal.

This looks so fun! We'd definitely give this a try very soon. :D

I'm glad my HiveFam likes my idea;) Use it and share your good results:)😍

I find this fun and quite calming. Perfect for after working on the most tedious of schoolwork.
I'll probably try this and share what my kids think about it.

Hi @taliakerch, a very fun activity that can be done as a family, it is similar to ludo, children have fun while they learn and stimulate concentration and attention.

Happy day!

Interesting... Regards