Conversations With The Tiger Team And The Importance Of Real Life Skills.

I sit down to write a post and my youngest daughter comes and sits on my lap.

"Write about the tiger team, I will tell you all about it", my youngest Daughter tells me.
"We help people". I ask for an example and she tells me that they just help people. I ask if they turn into tigers when people are in danger and need help.
"No, we are shape shifters, we can change into any animal we want".
"We can turn into wolves, leopards, elephants, wild boar, whenever someone needs help"
"Everyday we turn into an animal. Today we turned into Leopards." We, is my daughter ad her two friends.
"We ran around on the land and we helped one of our mum's, to bring in her shopping."
"We then changed back into girls and helped her to put the shopping away. "
"I love being in the sun, but my two friends B and A really like the shade."
"We also help animals, if they get hurt"
"Sometimes we have meetings, but I can't tell you more about them, because it is a secret."
"We also take breaks, if no one needs our help."

My youngest, spends most of her time outdoors. I hear her and her friends roaring throughout the day. They are always super busy, doing tiger and other animal business. Most of the time, it is highly secretive, but sometimes I catch glimpses of them running around or she tells me what they get up to.

She comes to the truck when she is hungry or thirsty or if she needs some mama time. But that, seems to be getting less and less these days. I spend more time seeking her out, just to give her a hug and check that everything is okay and it usually always is.

She is already, really independent and super confident. Always willing to try something new and she is still only 5 years old, turning 6 in 2 months.

As long as our children have a safe home, somewhere they feel secure, they will have the confidence to explore the outside world. So it is important that we give them the space and freedom to do so. They are so much more capable than most people think. They flourish, when they are allowed to roam.

It saddens me, to see so many children, being kept indoors most of the time. Even they prefer to be there, because they have never been given the opportunity to really explore the great outdoors. What saddens me even more, is that the parents believe they are doing best by them.

There are so many reasons why our children need to be in nature. Emotional, physical and spiritual reasons. Our children are born with a desire to explore the world and so many are being confided to the human world.

It is really important, that we think about what this is doing for the mentality of each child. Separating them from a more natural way of life, from learning real life skills. From really experiencing life itself.

Growing up to be afraid of the dangers of the natural world, worried about unhygienic it is. I have seen, way to many kids getting upset because they have gotten dirty outside in nature.

Our hands need to touch the earth, to be in the soil, so that our body really connects with it. We need to taste it even. Our children do. There is nothing more natural, than to want to taste the world around you.

So let your children roar, let them be tigers.


While reading this I realized that our time as a parent will be quite short, our little ones will grow and run on their own in the future.

Though that is the goal for them to be independent and them be ready for whatever life throws them still it is kinda sad thinking about those days.

I agree with you. Let them be tigers, ox, whatever they want to be and we will be their safe refuge each time that they need us.

Yes it is quite short. Now that I have a teenager, I feel like there is so much I would have liked to have done with her, but there is also always today, So we have to make the best of the time we have. Thank you @tpkidkai xxx

Your daughter is amazing! Love this story. I am already looking forward to having my niece and nephew over, at my new place, and going on a long hike with them, getting dirty. Luckily they have plenty of outdoor space, at my sister's quinta.

Thank you Vincent.
Nothing better than hike and getting dirty. Enjoy xxxxx

so lovely!
growing up in nature is great for us.
I had this opportunity and now I'm between big cities and country life.
like them both, but grow up among nature was the best.

Thank you @lucianaabrao, yes I agree it is the best.
It is also good to experience both as well xxx

So you ended up writing a completely different post to what you were intending? XD

Ahh I remember when my kids would do stuff like that ^_^ such a fun age :D

Yes I did, cos her story was so much better, than mine.
Thank you @ryivhnn xxx

One of the best parts that a child should experience is playing outdoors and exploring the world.
I like that activity, roaring to an animal to save lives. ☺️ it's interesting and fun.

They certainly have a lot of fun playing that game. Thanks @missleray xxx

You're welcome. ☺️

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