Yeah, I'm in favour of this too. A fee schedule settable by the pool creator; what percentages go to: pool creator, liquidity providers, both of which could be zero though I'd suggest the liquidity providers should get something.

Would be nice if the Pool creator could make it an option.
I guess we should see what reward mechanism they have planned

Sometimes I think we have on hive superior-tech + smart people, but they think things don't to the end.

No fees = why someone should do it?

Fee = passive income = sexy.

To get crazy amounts of liquidity there need to be fees. There is no transaction fee so it's already superior to Uniswap. It only needs rewards that are a bit higher or same as on uniswap and it's better from the technical level.

I like this!

Pool without FEE sounds great, but we are forgetting what you just said... Uniswap has DOUBLE fees (if we simplify things), the transaction fee, and the pool fee...

Diesel pools have ANY fees, but maybe we should be proud of having ZERO transaction fees and the rest do like Uniswap and others?

yup, fees are good for getting liquidity in Millions/billions like uniswap because users can earn with their crypto.

No fees is not a business model. It can be optional but not the only option.

I would say the standard is the Uniswap fee ( without gas) and it can be lower. But lower wouldn't make any sense.