Hive Keychain 1.8.2

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This week, I've fixed a few bugs:

  • Added account value estimation now that Hive is listed.
  • RPC errors.
  • Issues on some operations because Steem.js didn't recognize the new units.
  • Layout issues.
  • Wrong units being displayed.

I have updated Keychain API and integrated @arcange's HiveSQL. As a result, the delgation and witnesses information on the Hive Keychain popup are now displayed correctly.

The Chrome store rejected the initial release (they accepted Steem Keychain which has a very similar code) for some reason, I'm doing my best to communicate with their team and find a solution asap. In the meantime you can still download the new version locally.

For users

  • Export your keys (from settings)
  • Clone the repository from Github
  • Right click on any existing extension > Manage my extensions.
  • Then activate developer mode.
  • Then Load Unpacked and select the folder you ve unzipped.
  • Import your keys (use the same master password)

We will post again to announce when the extension makes it to the store.

Info for devs

Once the extension installed locally you can make any kind of requests that were available on Steem Keychain. For this you just need to:

  • Replace window.steem_keychain by window.hive_keychain
  • Replace STEEM, SBD and SP by HIVE, HBD and HP
  • Check out the example folder

Hive Keychain

@yabapmatt : Founder - Witness
@aggroed : Founder - Witness
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@stoodkev : Lead Developer - Witness

Support our witnesses using Hive Keychain witness tab.


any ETA on firefox? :)

It should work locally on FF.
I ll try to list it to the store today.

cool thanks!

@stoodkev is this legit? it's another account than steem-keychain

Yes it got approved while I was sleeping.

Nice 👍 will test it in a few hours.

Thank you for your hard work. I had some problems with the previous version but now it's fixed. Great job!

Already added

Everytime you bump the version... would be nice for you to tag it... in this kind of commits:

Or just before bumping the version in case the development is after the bump. =) My view ok. is just a small fix for FF users who want to import keys.
Good point abt the release tag, I ve made one for this latest version.

Yep.. I have just tested the import 😃 perfectly working.

I know you are working very hard to get it in the app stores.
Is there a time frame when we can expect hive keychain to be in the firefox appstore?
I am using the debugging workaround which is fine, but it is not comfy and mass user friendly.

It just got approved on FF =)

Thank you, that is great news :-). Just downloaded it.

What was the reason for the rejection?

The permissions used by the extension. Which is awkward since they are exactly the same than in Steem Keychain. Im trying to get in touch with them. In the meantime it just got accepted on FF.

Google permissions suck as they are so general and requires so much more than really needed.