Food Series # 186: Panda Coffee

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Hi everyone ^^I am writing about a culinary series including how to cook Vietnamese dishes and the food and drinks I like in restaurants or shops. My topic in Hive is quite simple however if you read my blog every day you can understand my food style and my personality.


Vietnam food are done with minimal use of oil and dairy, the dishes are fresh, filled with vegetables and herbs. There are many kinds of food and drink to choose. I guess some people are in developed countries they thought Vietnam was a poor country, the food was boring and poor too. It's not like that, Vietnam is a tropical country so the food here is very plentiful and varied. There are many famous Vietnamese dishes in the world, I think you have eaten it: Vietnamese Bread, Pho, Pancakes Vietnamese ( Banh Xeo) , Hue Beef Noodles ( Bun Bo Hue) , Fried Spring Rolls ( Nem), Meat Ball Rice Noodles (Bun Cha),Crab noodles (Bun Rieu), Gỏi Cuốn ( Fresh Rolls),.Sweet, salty, spicy, sour, bitter, and pungent all figure prominently in Vietnamese cuisine. Moreover, I feel that the standard of living here is quite good, young people here go for coffee every day; every weekend to watch movies at the cinema and shopping. It's really not as bad as you think lol. And here are my favorite snacks: Fried chicken feet and lemongrass boiled snail. Chicken feet, while they may seem a bit strange to eat, are just incredible. It is very crunchy and tastes better when you dip it in lemon salt sauce. There are many different ways to cook them such as chicken feet soup, chicken sauce style Thai, dim sum chicken feet and of course, the most popular are fried chicken feet.


After snacking I went to another restaurant , have enjoyed a lemon smoothie and ice cream. It was a coffee restaurant with a quiet space and reasonable price. A cup of ice cream with chocolate and vanilla flavors costs 45,000 VND (about 1.8 $). Snow lemon smoothie price: 30,000 VND, this drink has the aromatic and fatty flavor of coconut milk.



Space :

  • Wide, clean, polite and private
    I already have many videos here but I can't upload lol







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