AskLeo - What Drives Your Curation?

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I read a post today of @bozz about circle jerking, which I encourage you to read as well and the perspective from which he was tackling the topic makes a lot of sense to me. Circle jerking has always been a subject of discussion and often times a source of frustration and rage on this blockchain.

Curation is an important aspect of one's experience on Hive, you benefit from it and you spread it further. Being a daily user of Hive, I'm doing it and benefiting from it on a daily basis.

I was wondering, though, while inspired about the above mentioned post what drives people's curation on Hive... Based on what criteria you guys upvote or downvote posts, but for the sake of positivity and growth lets discuss just upvotes and leave aside downvotes.

Since I am the one throwing this musing at you I will share with you guys what types of posts and users are getting upvoted by me and what is driving my curation. I have little HP and LP, but I am using it on a daily basis, it's why it has been gifted to me. I do upvote both comments and posts and consider that both types of content creation should be encouraged.

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I don't self vote and don't auto vote, you should know that.

So, the first thing that triggers me to upvote a post is the topic... I believe that content without an interesting or relevant topic is just a waste of time, no matter the size or how you put it. I do upvote shit posts once in a while as well, because I find them interesting ;).

I have some users though that I upvote quite regularly for consistency. It happens that sometimes their posts are not actually my cup of tea, but that doesn't stop me from upvoting such content. I appreciate effort and disciplined folks in all walks of life and I try rewarding these.

I like comments that disagree with my views and I almost always upvote those because I don't believe in a world where we all agree on each other.

I circle jerk as well... Yes, I've said it and as @bozz mentioned in his post, it's natural for that to happen. When you surround yourself with people alike you tend to appreciate their views and work and guess what, you can do that on Hive through upvotes.

But enough with me... What drives your curation? Based on what criteria do you upvote content on Hive?

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My curation efforts are an effort to focus on open source, decentralization and Hive shilling stuff. Doing that, its easy to find myself in the so called circle jerk because like you say, its my people.

One of the few concerns I have about the Hive platform is that the reward pool is seen as a community owned asset that many people feel entitled to try to control the behaviour of how creators use it.

It's true we don't want a few whales sucking it all up with no added value, but I think we need to just mind our own business a bit more - as a whole.

One of the few concerns I have about the Hive platform is that the reward pool is seen as a community owned asset that many people feel entitled to try to control the behaviour of how creators use it.

Damn right. This is one thing that will probably never change on Hive. I guess it's typical to communities where some faces have to turn into leaders. With DPOS that's even more obvious.

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I am pretty new to Hive and blogging on any platform, three months now. To start with, I thought the upvotes would be taken from my on personal Hive or Hivepower pool. Like I said, it was all very new. Once I realized how upvotes worked, I wanted to thank everyone who ever voted on my posts. It's hard being new and any upvote is deeply appreciated. For the first month, I only upvoted the people who had upvoted me, so it was pretty much a circle. But, it was purely out of gratitude even though I'm not sure the 0.001 was worth to them. My exploration of communities is broadening my upvotes, but I think I will always be clicking some hearts, no matter what the content, on the first 30 or so users who were there at my start in Hive.

In more mature spaces it's called networking.

In fact Science and History and Current Knowledge says an important part of success is having a quality, strong network of people who accept you.

I think it's funny that people still try to view this through the eyes of quality posts as if it is some daily comparison of the best post. It doesn't work that way, and the fact we pretend it does is what frustrates a lot of people.

Make posts, make comments, make friends, be successful.

I am a curator, I can't look at every post, I tend to see the posts of those I know, I end up knowing people who engage, because I see them on my posts and I see them on the posts I comment on.


I tend to vote for things that I like, things that are hot topics or things I think bring attention to Hive, Leo or SEO.

No doubt there is a bias towards people I like.

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People I follow and support over time through what they post as they provide consistency and quality normally. I always look for new users but tend to see what they do first before following them.

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It's been some time since I been on a scout for new users.

I don't have enough hive power to upvote yet but I do sometimes even though I know it does not count. If I have enough hive power or a community I will only upvote those who try to comment on people post it does not have to be from my community or people I know and those that post regularly. To me, they are providing sacrifices that will move the platform forward and not those that just post and go I count that as people who don't have passion for writing and those that are here only for the money they will gain. I only support people that have passion for something.

New to hive and my upvote is still weak. But I have no problem sending it out. I love a smooth read and people who post quality out here. I have a firm belif in people's post determining the growth and where this block chain goes and finally I upvote anything that shows some one sat and wrote this however it comes out. Not every one has English as there first language yet they are courageous and post. To the growth of there ability and skill at the language

I haven't really had the time so it tends to be whatever comes to my eyes and that happens to be my own feed most of the time. I tend to prefer more personal type of HIVE stories and it's fine if it isn't that great in quality either. I upvote comments on my own posts minus my Rising Star giveaway for the most part. If I don't, I might tip them with one of my tipping tokens. If the content is good, I will upvote it as well.

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Same as you, manual curation only, no self or auto votes. That's time-consuming, I must admit. I only vote for content that I like or that brings me information or pleasure. I have a few colleagues I've known for many years and they are the first ones I read and vote for, follow a few new ones I find interesting, vote for comments and that's it, the power is out. That's it in Hive. In Leo Finance I mainly vote for posts that help me understand crypto a bit.

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