Hive Is Great, Let's Not Ruin It.

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The Hive trending page was amazing on the first couple of days following the launch, but things are starting to look like the old ship - Steem.

In this video, I talk about

🔴 HIVE outperforming STEEM in every department.
🔴 Developers and Witnesses working very hard in the background.
🔴 Why some people may cross-post on, or even return to, STEEM.
🔴 The Hive Trending page.

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Great talk @adetorrent, easy and interesting to listen to. Thank for sharing! 😀

You mentioned networking. I'm noticing a few of the smaller accounts ditching their tokens. It's insane sometimes when I see people eating their seeds instead of planting them. People want votes and support but they sell their votes and support.

Short term gains for long term pains.

People want votes and support but they sell their votes and support.

Hmm. Wise words.

Indeed some people are here just to get paid and spend the money. To be fair, that was supposed to be a part of Steem's function. Why else would people create content and get rewarded for it. The difference is that some eat their seed like you said, while some plant them and harvest fruits down the line.

Nice update and wise words. Wasn’t too rumbly at all!
You’re right about network being important.

I’m still fairly active on steem whilst powering down. I don’t judge anyone for using one or the other, or both.

Do what makes you feel good 😎

Absolutely 100%. Hope you're keeping safe. Could be worse, you could be in London :D

Great vlog with some real good points made. I get a little green eyed when I see the trending page but like you said,"nobody is owed an upvote".
Not sure why but a few weeks before the Tron saga I lost a lot of regular votes. I can only look internally for the answer and since then I've tried to make extra efforts to network as maybe I wasn't doing enough before. It really is the most important thing to do but holding down a family, a full time job, finding time to write and network is certainly a challenge. Nevertheless I believe I put out decent content so I'll persevere.

Thank you.

but holding down a family, a full time job, finding time to write and network is certainly a challenge.

100%. Totally different from a single, lone traveler with all the time in the world for instance :)

Has steemit inc or Tron foundation done a damn thing for steem since the fork? I don’t think I’ve seen a peep from Justin lol wtf was the point of all the drama if you were going to end up doing fuckall with the chain

I don't think he knew enough about the details to begin with, or even now probably. His minions were supposed to do all that work and clearly the didn't. They've probably also realised that it isn't easy to do, which is why nothing is being done. There's also nobody left there to do anything.

There are some experienced people left there to keep the ship from sinking, like Dtube, Blockbrothers and Steemchiller, but blockchain dev requires a lot more than just staying afloat.

Yup - get on Discord, hang out in Pal, go to SteemFest - get massive rewards!

Once you're in that position, it's maybe worth putting in a bit of effort to yer posts, otherwise, putting in that effort, it's a risk!

As it's panning out, I'm thinking Hive is basically Steem, but red and it's a more viscous bubble. It's great if you're on the inside, which I guess we are, but unless this bubble pops (somewhat ironically) I think we're looking at Hive @1K odd satoshis by August, basically where Steem was before the speculation on the Tron takeover.

Of course if we get immediate evolution via the DAO we might see things people more popular, but I'm not sure how rapid that will be!

Yup - get on Discord, hang out in Pal, go to SteemFest - get massive rewards!

Darn, where's that Discord app on my computer again? .... click click click :)


Well every thing you have said makes sense, I actually hit the ground running the first few days and hoping for some great support I didn't get much but well the energy was great. However I still feel we'll have less drama and it wouldn't be so much like one steem. The Korean oligarch is back posting 10 times a day in other words.

Hahahaha Oh nice! I didn't know. I'm going to add him to my autovote at 100% :)

Some very thoughtful points here, Ade. 😊 Agree with you that it's time to sidestep the drama thing and focus on superb content and growing the honey post.

It's not like most of us don't have enough TIME to edit, refine and improve our content right now... LOL

Wanna hear a scary secret? I NEVER look at the trending page! 🤣

Shared on twitter. POSH:

Wanna hear a scary secret? I NEVER look at the trending page!

Hahahaha. That's saying a lot. It's like the old "Promoted" page back on Steemit that nobody looked at.:)

I'm equally not remotely interested in what other people deem to be fashionable. LOL. In fact, if there's a trend or a fashion, I'm more likely to go the OTHER way, away from the herd. I post, I check the feed of the people I follow, I answer my replies, I find cool new people (like you 😘) via twitter and I have a couple of communities I engage with. Clean and fairly old school.

Aww, thanks, what a nice thing to say :D
[I'll send payment in bitcoin later] LOL

Thanks for sharing. I do hope many can move on from the drama with Steem and Steemit. I'm with you, if they want to do both, then so be it. Frankly I haven't been as active on Hive as there are still unreolved issues I am having with posting, replying and commenting on Dapps like PeakD and making changes to profile settings on eSteem. Right now I am just working straight from the Hive Blog. I will gve it a couple more weeks.

I hear the developers are working day-in, day-out to iron out the kinks. They've done a pretty good job so far, considering how quickly everything happened. It's my hope that in time, all the issues will be resolved and Hive can really take off. We're well positioned for when this pandemic is over and the economy returns.

Oh, for sure. It was a massive undertaking, not to mention little prep or planning.

There is no reason to for us to rest on our laurels when it comes to downvoting. Overvalued posts have no business being in Trending. Trending is what outsiders look at first. The last thing we want to seem is a giant circle jerk. That will get us nowhere.

I agree. However, it requires either a lot of SP, or mob action, to make any sort of downvote impact.

Mob action is called for. $50 is too much for a coinmarketcap screenshot or two and a few lines of commentary.