Medical Freedom / Anti-Lockdown Protest - Tel Aviv 15 Feb 2021 + Rapeh Party on Hive

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About 2000 people rocked Tel Aviv's HaBima Square for more than 3 hours last night to protest against Corona Tyranny - Medical Coercion on Vaccines and Masks, Lockdowns etc.



There was a great atmosphere and it was completely peaceful.

There were lots of home made banners and signs, some professional material like that of the Rappeh Party (@rappeh) and even a table where you could get a "Fairy Passport" (instead of a Green one).



Some wore masks, most didn't and the police (who were present in numbers of about 20-30) didn't interfere or fine anyone.

At one point the police made an announcement about masks which was ignored and then when 3 police walked through the crowd a protestor followed them calling out on a megaphone "Watch out for the Breathing Police" and generally humorously heckling them.
His freedom of speech was respected and the Police moved out of the crowd peacefully.

I was there handing out flyers for the Rappeh Party (@rappeh) with my wife and half a dozen other Rappeh party activists.
The flyers had a QR code link the the Rappeh Party's Hive blog.

Protest Selfie.jpg

I had printed 1000 flyers expecting to have many left over.

Instead all 1000 were gone in 75 minutes.

Empty Flyer box.jpg

I estimate that there were about 2000 people at the protest based on the number of flyers handed out and the fact that we didn't get to the whole crowd and many people said they already supported Rappeh and didn't need a flyer.

I was interviewed for about 5 minutes by some news outlet and got a round of applause from surrounding protestors for my speech (in English).

Rappeh Party on Hive

The Rappeh Party is using Hive as a censorship resistant platform as a central repository for its party material including marketing material. I am encouraging Rappeh activists to join Hive.

I was able to create the @rappeh account and start populating it with material in less than an hour while the official party website is taking weeks (as websites often do). This is a perfect example of what Hive can offer to rapidly forming movements that challenge political orthodoxy and are thus subject to censorship on Big Tech platforms:

  • rapid deployment with attractive interface
  • stronger censorship resistance and resilience from attacks
  • rewards for users
  • potential to create a community front end.

I will be printing over one hundred thousand Rappeh flyers with the Hive logo and QR code link to the @rappeh Hive blog.

Please follow @rappeh to show some decent number of followers to encourage others to join Hive and follow Rappeh.

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There was a great atmosphere and it was completely peaceful.
You are lucky to be able to protest, in France, the cops target those they seek to disable, that's why I wouldn't go to protest.

I saw something on i24 fr, about covid passport... what a bunch of moron. I hope there will vaxx free gun range !

Otherwise there is always the "hill billies lifestyle" :).

good luck , I hope you win !

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it's useless, don't forget he waste his ressource credit on us (it's part of the flag wars, a concept here (In short the biddenite (those who released covid to over turn trump) can't accept any speech they don't formulate themselves, including the torah, new testament or even the quran (that part will be fun when the jihadis hordes will go to blast the uno personals in their homes worlwide :D).

so no fear, eyes open (abram : unvaxxed, moses : unvaxxed, jesus : unvaxxed, the boss (pbuh) : unvaxxed)... so you know... even phirao was unvaxxed.

The auto downvote by @spaminator is fixed. It was a software mistake or something.

Yes, that's one key difference in Israel - very little cop brutality, unlike the fascist cops in Australia where I'm originally from.

In Israel the government is leading the world in stupid Corona lockdowns and vaccine coercion, but the Israeli people are leading the world in ignoring and passively resisting stupid rules.

Of course in a country where almost everyone has military training, cops that behaved like fascists would have a short career (or lifespan).

Nothing like police knowing that the people they are policing are just as good in combat as they are to keep everyone peaceful. There is also a greater sense of social cohesion so most police actually feel part of the people they are policing.

I think it's even kinder as what you say, not at all in a rapport of lethality... so you didn't took your shifts at IDF? at least a little gun range visit once in a while would make us all very happy :D.


נכנסים לעולם דיסטופי בעיניים פקוחות...

Well done and good luck! Stand and stand together! 👍

It's good to see people keep fighting the good fight. Sweden has many problems. But the way they handled the pandemic gives some great numbers to compare with these tyrannical unscientific clown world laws.

Isn't it true that both the whole population has been forced to be vaccinated in Israel already and that the cases have gone up in Israel but not in Palestine? Part of this video describes this taking place in Israel

How is the local media reporting about your little movement?

The Rappeh party has got coverage in major Israeli media, most of it quite negative, but coverage nonetheless. The party leader was front page of a major newspaper (again negative).

I haven't yet seen media coverage of protest but there was certainly plenty of media there. I don't read Hebrew well so won't see it until it gets into the English language Israeli press.

you will learn hebrew fast at the gun range :).

I actually served as an Aussie soldier before immigrating to Israel and was too old to do military service here.

But this reminds me of a story a family member told me of his service in a tank on the Golan Heights in the Yom Kippur War. He was the driver of the tank and had just immigrated and had poor Hebrew. The commander gave the order reverse right and he reversed left. Seconds later an enemy shell hit right where the tank would have been if he'd correctly followed orders.
He only found out about this 30 years later at a reunion as the tank was hit later and the crew dispersed.

God's will... who can fight it? That's the thing with those on the other side of the defense system, most really believe... ohh they do :).

voting now for your witness (think about a percentage of revenue sharing if you get to the top :)).