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RE: HIVE publicity proposal through PYTHON workshop Programming for children - puppet workshop / Children in the HIVE

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Greetings @roelandp

First of all, thank you for taking the time to review this proposal.

Please note that the $55,000 that I have requested for funding will be transformed into Hivepower, that will give a voting power of about 200,000 HP that added to the 130,000 HP delegated to my account adds up to 330,000 HP from that moment on for a period of 5 months will accumulate rewards product of the curatorship of artistic publications in Spanish.

The rewards will be used to fund both projects at different times and in different countries around the world. In this way the project would be sustainable over time, since the money obtained initially will not be spent, only the rewards.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

About the laptops

When I thought about buying equipment, I did so to make it last longer. The cost of a Rasberry Pi Kit is $60 adding a case that costs $25. To get this device up and running I have to add a keyboard that costs $60 and a monitor $60.

It has given me an idea, you could give the whole kit to each participating child. But it would drastically affect the funding of other workshops.

Keep in mind that the equipment purchased in Venezuela, a total of 20 laptops will be used in new workshops which implies a reduction of costs for future workshops in the long term by allocating resources for other countries to buy 20 laptops. In theory each country should have its own equipment to carry out this educational activity. And my person would be responsible for financing future projects. I prefer to invest in more robust and durable equipment such as laptops.

Finally, it seems to me that there is little money to finance, yet some users are uncomfortable with what I think is an excellent idea that could change the destiny of the financing through DHF.

If the amount is too high, I could consider a delegation to meet the 500k HP goal? Or to spread the word with some witnesses and whales, so that instead of voting on the proposal they make delegations to this advertising project for HIVE through art and technology education, taking into account that the project seems great?

I wait for your opinion

Thank you