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RE: Some speculation on HBD price movements and how it impacts proposals

in #hive6 months ago

Will delisting HBD from external markets and having it only in internal market help a little bit? At least to control the false pump from the outside world.


It's worth noting that most of the crypto trading volumes are in stable coins.

It'd be an indirect way to get people involved with Hive if the effort succeed.

It might, since there would arguably be fewer uninformed buyers that could be fooled by a price pump. But in the long run, there can be a lot of utility in having HBD on external exchanges, once we get it fully stabilized. One of the biggest uses in crypto for stable coins is for trading on exchanges.

Well, I think that we cannot talk about stability when we talk about cryptocurrencies or tokens, unless they are like USDT, I also think that certain instability and fluctuation is necessary, to call investors because these trades are made looking for benefits, that is, gains.

USDT is only stable because of trading activity that keeps it that way. Which is the function of the hdbstabilizer as well. With more funding, the stabilizer could make HBD just as price stable as USDT (although that's not the way we're looking at tackling this issue in the long run as we're aiming for trustless stability).

Exactly, I also think so, I think a more organic way of doing it should be considered, one in which the same market can achieve it, I talked about a band managed by IA, I don't know if you already read that, I wrote it a few minutes ago. The capital injection can be taken from a kind of recovery funds for surpluses, I do not know I am digressing, , but I hope that my humble opinions may perhaps shed light on a definitive solution, I would be very happy to collaborate. ty for answering.