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RE: Normality, Reloaded

in #hive5 months ago

I don't think people are going to like the "new normal". I feel as if we still have a ways to go before any semblance of real normality actually kicks in. Look at Hive and Steem, what has really changed with the control code? Nothing really. The new reality is the same as the old reality in many senses. change the name the players remain the same, no real change other than a simple name.

We will wait I guess and see if we can create something new and different than what was on steem. We will wait and see if some new normal will come about in the world. I have my doubts, if a small diverse group of people can not make a change happen on something as small scale as Hive, then why think a new normal will come into being in the world at large.


For me, the new normal related to Hive / Steem makes a huge difference. The mere fact that we're not a centralized entity is enough to color it in a better nuance. Yes, some of the players are still the same, but the resistance to advance is smaller. At least that's how I feel now, we'll see how it goes.

Really that is all we can do, wait and see if there is going to be any real change. I am still waiting to see if there really will be a change, we still have down vote issues, we still have black list issues, we still have the exact same witness system as before. While it may appear and be stated by some that the "Ninja mined tokens" are no longer in play, that is only a half truth, unless that stake is burned someone has the keys to it.

So the reality is we sit and wait and see if there really is any change. That will be determined by the direction of the first two hard forks.