HPS proposal to be resubmitted at a future date and likely on behalf of an exchange / business development / marketing team when appropriate.

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Hive Business Development and Exchange Relations Support

September 2018, Intro to Steem/Steemit with key players from Korea's Webtoon Industry


As an early student of cryptocurrency, I've spent countless hours following dozens of blockchain projects going back to 2013, which I was able to leverage into a professional career working business development first for Steemit, Inc. starting in 2017 and now for an up-and-coming blockchain project called v.systems.

Working for Steemit, Inc. and v.systems has given me the opportunity to amass hundreds of contacts in the crypto industry with key exchanges, wallets, De-Fi platforms, crypto journalists, crypto YouTuber's, etc.; by traveling to dozens of conferences all around the world and spending 40-80 hours a week working contacts, follow ups, exploring the industry landscape, and building relationships.

At this point, I've pitched either Steem, v.systems, and/or Hive on video/phone call to 200+ exchanges and have taken video/phone calls with 100+ blockchain projects or social media applications that are out in the market "shopping for a blockchain".

September 2018, UPbit Developer conference on Jeju Island


The cryptocurrency industry is very noisy and tribalistic with intense competition from hundreds to thousands of blockchain platforms fighting for attention from large exchanges, top wallets, new De-Fi platforms, and the media.

But it's a special time for Hive with so much focus and attention on the project right now. We must press hard and fast to get Hive listed on as many top exchanges as possible becoming decisively entrenched within the crypto industry.

Bittrex is likely the first of many big exchanges that we can work with to further promote and establish the Hive Social Blockchain Project as a dominate player in the cryptocurrency industry and broader social media landscape.

With much hard work and a little bit of luck, it's possible to push Hive into the top 40 on CoinMarketCap or even higher.

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We are very interested in the goals of this proposal.
Can you per chance provide some more details how the funds will help you achieve these goals?

To assist with the above was an incredible amount of work and was largely the result of two years of making friends and connections in the industry.

The funding of this proposal will allow me to continue to leverage my skills as a business development professional and extended network within the cryptocurrency industry to promote Hive.

The proposal is a modest "three month contract" with the blockchain which I plan to rollover as I continue delivering value for Hive.

Count me in as well.


Sure you can have my vote, but please provide us with regular updates, cause if you don't update or show progress and results, you will lose my vote.

Regular (likely daily) updates will 100% happen.

I would like to see a detailed plan with milestones plus regular reports of progress.

The goal will be to help assist with listings on the above referenced exchanges (and many more) by working my network of contacts with the objective of connecting with decision makers and Head of Listings type individuals to tell the feel-good, community-driven story of Hive.