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RE: The rise of decentralized social media?

in #hive4 months ago

Looks like the discussion is going to be w/o Larry Sanger a.k.a. w/o central actors. So please stay calm and nice if he's not following your invitation. 😎 !ENGAGE 20 !WINE

See @vimukthi's post I cross-posted into a decentral forum. Certainly one of many I suppose. (sic!)


It's a lot to take in and learn around hive, and the amount of shilling he receives on his twitter doesn't make it easier to focus I assume. So I hope he reads this and might engage in a serious discussion about the facts. Because I feel a lot is about terms - in one tweet he asked for a protocol, but what else is hive? A protocol for decentralized storage...

He may be too annoyed about the topic by now, but I don't give my hopes up ;)



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