First HIVE Block signed by @blue-witness - Nr. 41,979,390

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As @enforcer48 likes to meme: I came for the tech and stayed for the rekt.

I have been playing with the thought of launching a witness for a long time because it is a great excuse to play around with the tech. The recent fork to HIVE and a little convincing by @emrebeyler and @isnochys was enough for me to finally have a go at witnessing.

This is the first block my witness signed: Nr. 41,979,390.

Screenshot_20200326 Block 41,979,390 HIVE Block Explorer.png


My journey through the crypto world started somewhere in 2011 when I saw posts of some kids cooling their GPUs in their mothers sinks to mine Bitcoin. Ever since then I have been following this space more or less closely. From the launches of new coins like Dogecoin or Ether to various high-profile hacks and other failures.

Sometimes it feels like the world of blockchains is relearning many lessons our established societies have already solved one spectacular blow up at a time. Even if this process looks silly and wasteful, there is great potential to eventually arrive at place that is greatly improved from what we have now.

In 2018 I finally came across Steem and decided to join with the intent of exploring the technology at the heart of it and to code random stuff in python.

That brings us to today, where my witness is happily signing blocks on a brand new blockchain.

Vote for my witness: @blue-witness


Gave you a reverse upward downvote!

Hey! Wait! What?

Congratz on the witness! :D Super cool milestone in this crypto adventure <3

Yeah! You should totally vote for it, because getting into the top 100 is a great vanity metric. Like getting the 100k subscriber play button from YouTube.
Help me collect cool internet bragging points :P

Ahahahahahaha! I will vote for you Blue! With the note that I don't give away my votes lightly, so when I feel I need to remove it because some witness made a shiny app I like I will, and I hope you'll still love me :D

(Make me something shiny is what I'm saying :P)
(Let's get you your internet bragging points!)

What are you? Some kind of exotic bird that likes shiny things? :P

I actually have been pushing an idea around. Unfortunately its more on the ridiculous than shiny side of things.

Plan B: rebranding into: extra-shiny-witness

Plan C: send you a chrome plated fender for your bike :D

I like ridiculous things :D

Thanks for taking part in security of this chain.

Ask not how to milk a blockchain - ask what you can do for the blockchain... or something ;)

how to milk a blockchain?

what ever happens on Steem right now.

Man, I'm so happy you've got a witness! Nice job!

I'm gonna shuffle some votes around and put you in my list :^) Good luck