To be honest, I spent my first couple years using STEEM as money. I lived almost entirely off of my post earnings back in the day.

I powered down and took a long hiatus from the chain due to personally problems in real life, and have only recently come back. I'm still in a position where I need to cash out some of my HIVE for life expenses, but I intend to start pumping my HP very soon now that I'm back to posting like I used to.

That's great and I love the fact you could live of the steem and hive.

Back to the blog, INTRODUCEYOURSELF is the tag for newbies, youre not new.
So lesion 2 needs to go in hive education not in INTRODUCEYOURSELF

You're absolutely right 😉

This introductory course is intended to onboard new people who don't yet have a Hive account, and guide them through creating their first post, which is traditionally published to the #INTRODUCYOURSELF tag.

From here, lessons will start to explain the core things a brand new user would need to know about like keys, the wallet, and rewards, then move into more and more complex topics like witnesses, Dapps, proposals, Markdown post editing, and more. Each lesson will use tags relevant to the content of said lesson, hence the need to use the #introduceyourself tag on this one 😁

But when newbies read this they are already here on hive ok Well lets see what lesson 2 brings
And the terminal is for all newbies who arrive and get an @heyhaveyamet invite