Goodbye Steem... Hello Hive.

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Even if you're a casual user of Steem and not much into the politics, tech, or news of the community; I'm sure it's been difficult to not see some of the drama that's enveloped our little corner of the blockchain and social media world these past weeks.

It's been a roller coaster of emotion for sure. At the news of Justin Sun/Tron acquiring Steemit Inc. I was filled with a mixture of apprehension and optimism for the future. Now, I'm right back to that starting point, filled with apprehension and optimism; only now those hopes and fears aren't for Steem, they're for Hive.

In the past weeks the one thing that's changed for me is my opinion of Justin Sun and the new Steemit Inc. What started as ambivalence has now progressed to a fairly solid loathing. Today's actions wherein Steemit is removing posts announcing and discussing the Hive project from its frontend was the final straw.

I have zero desire to be a user metric for Justin Sun, and plan on ceasing all my activity on the Steem blockchain in favor of Hive. Everyone gets to choose their own path and participate in Steem, Hive, or both! I truly hope those Steemians I value and enjoy the most will all be on Hive with me.

The fun starts tomorrow at 10:00 AM Eastern time in the US! You can already begin using using your existing Steem account credentials and the chain will switch over tomorrow. Most of the large front ends and applications will be making the switch to Hive as well, such as SteemPeak and eSteem (obviously both working on rebranding) so many of your tools and websites will very likely remain accessible to you.

It's fair to expect some technical issues! I'm hoping for a seamless transition, but preparing for a bit of short term frustration. Anyone who has been through a major hard fork in the past can relate!

As soon as possible though, I plan on hitting the Hive running... with an enthusiasm I haven't been able to muster for Steem as of late.

If you have any questions about Hive, please ask below. I will check in with this post for a short while after the fork to help anyone with the transition that I can. For those planning on staying with Steem for now, I wish you the best and hope we'll cross paths again, and for those excited about Hive... I'll see you in the colony!

I've been on Steem for almost 4 years now, and don't regret a moment of it. It's bittersweet to think that this is probably my last full post on the Steem blockchain. However I'm eager to move forward, and am as excited as ever by the prospect and promise of an ownerless decentralized online system which Steem first enamored me with. Steem will always hold a special place in my heart as the incubator that started it all, but it's clear to me that its potential can only be fulfilled through Hive, and not Tron.

I'm struggling to find something epically moving and emotional to say at this moment... and hell, I guess that just wouldn't be my style anyway. So I'll leave it at this...

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff


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Hive will be the true Steem. Steem now is Tron and Justin Sun.

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I agree. It still feels strange, “walking away” from Steem, but it’s really only the name... and I think we can all agree that has plenty of baggage attached anyway!
I’m excited for the fresh start, and overall for the clarity. I intend on finally starting a community, aggressively recruiting, etc., all of which I’d put on hold as I didn’t want it to be controlled by Tron, or to invite new users into an uncertain future.

I am commenting from the Hive site that is still using Steem for now. I think we will have a Steempeak equivalent running soon. I will be sure to post to Hive tomorrow and I can see that becoming my new home. Justin showed zero interest in the Steem community and now he can kiss it goodbye. I will sell my Steem if it is worth doing so.

Same. I started a full power down upon the announcement of Hive. We’ll see what the market looks like as these weeks progress. As a matter of principal I want to try to transfer as much of the monetary value from Steem to Hive as I can, which requires selling Steem to purchase Hive! That new economy is going to need some healthy support at the outset. It’s also nice to think that I could greatly increase my stake on the new chain at no cost! I’m curious how many folks will be selling their airdrop...

I am with a heavy heart leaving steem but I will hang around until it stays afloat @bryan-imhoff