Stay Positive Hive Is Still Up Over 300% This Year

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I am sure many of you are frustrated looking daily at the Hive price and that is just natural because many of us are staked in the project financially and emotionally. Emotionally as it takes loads of work to get anywhere and what we earn means that much more personally.

We have to put everything into context though so we can look for the positives as we all know what a great project and community we have here. Price will never always match our expectations as others don't see what we see and know.

It wasn't that long ago that Hive was sitting on 15c and any upward movement was noticed immediately with the wallet sizes increasing. Hive is up 312% in the last year and that is with the price falling dramatically over the last week. Actually Hive has lost nearly 50% in the last 10 days yet we are still up over 300% which is pretty amazing.

Thankfully we are at the start of a bull market and not at the end and starting with a price well over 50c gives me much hope that we are going to see some massive gains over the next 6 months. A steady rise is better than a pump as the value is still maintained when it does drop and as long as we maintain a higher high from the last increase we are still increasing our overall value.

We all saw what happened with Ripple yesterday as things are looking good for them with the SEC and investors took money out of BTC and invested in Ripple doubling it's market cap in one day. Ripple went from a market cap of $21 Billion to over $42 Billion in one day which tells us this came from the existing crypto eco system and is not all new money. This is pure speculation that Ripple is actually going to win against the SEC and is looking like a good bet right now.

All I am trying to say is things happen so quickly in the crypto world that nothing can ever be counted out. If we just compare our positions going back to January we now have CUB at over $3 each, Leo sitting strong at over 80c after dropping over 20% in the last day or so and Hive up over 300% so we have nothing to complain about as we will always want more obviously. The riches are here as they will surely come at some point ,just enjoy the ride.


Steady hands are needed here, it's good for someone with a larger stake like you to keep people focused and calm. The lower the price the more Hive earned.

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I must admit the lower price doesn't worry me as quite rightly you do earn more. I also like to see the price go up though as it is a good feeling knowing you are worth more even though you wont spend it. The market is super volatile right now and real fun for trading.

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Silver Gold Knights lol kicked more butt. Like the blade you get to throw.

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Yeah. This is very much right and find but then, what about those who bought at $0.7, do you think they would have this help of hopeful? I've got a friend who actually had to sell at lost yesterday but aside all that, I feel Hive should at least be able to secure a stable feet above $0.5 or do you see it dipping below that that?

Who knows what the price will do. I would have waited for the price to go up as these days it could only mean waiting a day or two. The market is so volatile right now things could turn either way.

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Price really only matters if you want to sell, right? Other than that, it's actually better and more profitable for most people if it's cheap. This way we all can accumulate more at lower levels and then make more when it runs.

I get wanting it to be higher. It's always nice to see your account worth more. But, people need to look at it from an investment perspective. If you are selling what you earn then the price doesn't matter at all. You're going to earn the same "dollar amount" of Hive whether the price is 50 cents or $5.00. You'll just get less Hive at $5.00 and more at 50 cents but the "dollar value" will be the same.

If, however, you are investing and aren't going to sell until $10 or more, then you WANT it to stay low because you get more Hive that will be worth $10 some day.

So, stay focused on your goals of accumulating and enjoy the "sale". My take....

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I can literally buy you a coffee with $3USD :P , if and only if HIVE is at $3 :P

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That's a good perspective. If this 300% rate is representative of this year, by the end of 2021 Hive will have done a 64x in dollar terms.

Project blank is coming..wen dunno but we should see a nice pump..slow and steady will win the race. :)

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I believe the retracement presents an opportunity to grab more hive. If ripple can do what it did in one day, I believe hive can do much more.

2021 gonna be a great for hive with lots of developments ongoing. If you don't sell now, you don't lose right? :-)

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Great points. It is very easy to forget how low Hive was not that long ago. I quickly glazed over that the other morning when I was so distraught by the price drop. I have a more level head now thankfully and I still see all of this as just icing on the cake!

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great news!