Sticking with the community

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This is the official statement of @cryptobrewmaster dev team:

We fully support the Hard Fork and the Hive Blockchain creation. We are disappointed with the ideals of the part of the community that supported the intervention of Justin Sun. We admire the actions of the top witnesses and of all - the community that opposed the intervention and did everything for our decentralization and independence!

Hive on, hiveans and keep those REAL STEEM values in our hearts!


As far as implementation with steemconnect for our alpha release is finished we still going to use it is some period of time for the testing purposes, and from today our dev team focuses on working on the implementation of the HiveSigner and Hive Chain later on.

We started the POWER DOWN mode on STEEM and looking forward to investing our assets into the Hive blockchain

We are looking forward to getting back with the latest news on the developments as soon as possible!

Yours @cryptobrewmaster team (

✅ Cryptobrewmaster Telegram Channel -
✅ Cryptobrewmaster Official Discord -


Glad to hear the brew Team is all-board the Hive train! If you guys are able to use the #battle tag on your gaming content we'll be happy to promote your content and share it with our gaming community. Personally a huge craft beer fan here and I'm super pumped about your project. Pop into our battlegames Discord if ya want to connect 👊

wow! cool to hear that! gonna join right now!
will use the #battle for sure!

I am glad to see this. I am excited about this project so it is good to see you on Hive.

@cryptobrewmaster can be a great asset to the ecosystem.

We need more projects like this.

we are so damn excited as well!

Fully BEER support here, as the beer token is ready to rumble on HIVE and DELETED on Steem

Great! Good times on the way!