A brief story of Hive and Binance

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I know great part of you remember JS and what happened with steem and Exchanges, but I'm here to let you know another story.

Since Hive born, Binance App, just one of most used crypto App in the world, had no description on $hive, as you can see here


This is a thing that I didn't understand, or I did but could not accept because Binance supported all Hive Hardforks since the beginning.

And I promise to my self twitte once a day asking Binance to change that.

Here is the sequence of this story

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And here it is! Hive description and Hive Explorer link


  • I've thanks them and ask to list $HBD on Binance

If you want to help here just go there and also ask

1556971551098036224?t=a4Yz16EUyFNsWx6Rdzo3Mg&s=19 twitter metadata:dW1tYWl6dW18fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vdW1tYWl6dW0vc3RhdHVzLzE1NTY5NzE1NTEwOTgwMzYyMjQ/dD1hNFl6MTZFVXlGTnNXeDZSZHpvM01nJnM9MTl8 ~~~

My job is done here!


Well done!

Thanks buddy ✌️

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This post needs visibility about what you did for hive.

I will try my best to get more 👀 on this post. If u used tribe tags, I would help with visibility on tribe sites. Anyways, doing my best related to what I can do in layer one.

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I hope it helps.


Please take part in last tweet and appreciate his efforts. :)

Thank you!
Appreciate your help!

Yay more Crypto! So much more than money.
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Excellent effort @doze. Thanks mate

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