We need a Hive face

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Hive, as a social network is a community, or a collection of communities, if you want.
As community I guess we are ok but we leave in a world of influencers, let's face it!

Before I continue let me share my deep thoughts about influencers.

Sorry but personally I don't give a shit to influencers, I'm sorry but this is the true!
Most part of influencers are just people with to much free time followed by people with to much free time.
And believe me, i'm being nice lol

Anyway I'm conscious that we leave in a world of influencers so let's play that game! Wait, I personally will not play but I think Hive should play.

Saying that and following this opinion I think Hive Community should have a face, a group of 5 or 6 guys that "represents" Hive in the "showbiz" of this world.


If we are DPOS (delegated proof of stake) Blockchain we also should be a DPOS Community and have a group of people representing us in this world of influencers, nominated somehow (using the DPOS tech) by the Hive Community.
Like in a real life community, nominated by one year for example, and why not payed...? Everyone as their lives and be available to be the face if Hive worth money.


Like I said, because we leave in a world of influencers, because all of we are single individuals but we can't go all to a talk show, podcast, whatever, etc etc, because I think in terms of marketing, strategie and communication, Hive should have a face.
Community is community and still community with a visible face. Community is community and will still almost invisible without a face, that's my opinion.
We need exposition, we need developers, we need Blockchain experts, we need to be talked all-over.
To corroborate this just think in Blockchains and tokens almost without community but with tons of more visibility than Hive because they have a face. Yes I'm talking about Tron. For me it is a disgusting example but the true is that JS alone makes more to Tron visibility than all we to Hive.

Disclaimer: I don't want a JS! That's the reason all we are here and not on steem, I want a face, a group of Hivers representing Hive in this "world of influencers", nominated by the Hive Community.


Just some final words.
Don't get me wrong, for example, I'm on Twitter and I see all the effort of lots of you to talk about Hive and promoted, without any kind of irony, thanks for that! But let's face...
8 likes and 2 re-twittes? It worth a lot from the point of view of your efforts but it worth noting from the point of view of spread Hive all-over, also because that few likes and re-twittes are made by Hivers. We don't go anywhere like that.


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I was certainly listening yesterday to a space where they were talking about Hive marketing and I had something very marked in my mind, that everyone promotes Hive as they understand and can, we should have a square speech all highlighting the advantages and great ecosystem that Hive already has, at least that's what the guys from Hive Creators said in Spanish.

I like your idea should be varis in different Dapps or Niches to be able to "Attack" from different sides certainly would focus more attention and therefore the spread would be bigger.

Vamos!! loking for HiveMaximalistics

Let's take the Twitter as example..
How much engagement have Hive Creators, or any other of we individually, outside of Hive circle? 2? 3?
If you spread the "Hive face" in multiple faces you will have the same result in my opinion. Again with Twitter as example, 50 Re-twittes in one Twitte is not the same of 5 re-twittes in 10 twittes.

I’m agree with you, but many of hivers with with a lot of knowledge don’t like to face up and they prefer to know anonymous.

On the other hand, we can search for new faces and teach them to be the face of hive out there.

We need to share our value out there. 👊🏾

Anonymous is ok and lot of knowledge doesn't mean good skills to be "the face".
I'm sure community can find the right guys to represent us.

I Would do it ;) But I like to stay anonym without showing my face. Can only show some Art Faces...And if you dont want me, take please an Ambassador which is not on toooooooooo many blockchains an ambassador...it makes the thing a bit weird and for me this people are like Influencers..LMAo :) Have a great day.
Anyway, great Post and ieas.

My proposal is for a community decision :)
Thanks for passing by ✌️

Nice. Let me know when you have it readyfor supporting it :))

I will not make a DHF proposal...
I just made a post with my opinion and trying that people discuss about, agreeing or not

Aaah ok. Sorry for misunderstanding. 😅😝 Anyway, i like the idea. And for sure the discussion of it is going oooooooon. Hehehe. Like that thought. Lets see whats coming up with it in future. Exiting times we are living in 😊☀️🙏🏼🤗💯🎨

No problem :))

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Have you seen the statue of Satoshi in Hungary? We are all the face.

Agree. we're all the face, we're all HIVE.

No I didn't..
"We are all the face", agree in theory and in a romantic perspective.
Being pragmatic, in the business/marketing world, it doesn't work like that ;)
We can't be romantic, we have to be competitors to compete with other Blockchains.

Well i will keep trying as i can with very limited success to bring the good ones :)

Great! Cheers :)