My Thoughts On Dan Larimer Departure From EOS

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A few hours ago, Dan Larimer (@dan, here) CTO of announced his resignation. The news was so unexpected that a few people asked, and rightfully so, if the message wasn't a hoax. It seems it's true, Dan posted another confirmation on Voice, the EOS-based social media platform that he was so focused on during the last 1-2 years.

I met Dan live at a EOS hackathon in London, a few years ago, where I was part of the mentors team. It was a spectacular event, held in the London Museum of Sciences. I have very good memories from that one.

Now, a little bit of a recap for people not familiar with Dan's other crypto ventures. The first major one was BitShares, which, at the time, had some very interesting features (I think it was the first one with the term - and functionality - of "witness"). Then he became the CTO of Steemit, which he left before Justin Sun's takeover, and started EOS, where he conducted one of the longest airdrops in crypto (about a year, if I'm not mistaken).

By the looks of it, Dan doesn't stay in any venture more than 5 years. I am completely neutral towards this. I think each and every one of us must have the freedom to choose for how long we're signing up for anything in our lives. I also don't think that this "tells a story", or it's in any way indicative of the EOS project. The source code is out there, the development of the codebase can be taken over by somebody else and those who decided to became block producers (the ones that can be a little bit affected by this) knew they are joining a high-risk venture. Any crypto venture, at this time in history, is a high-risk venture, by the way.

So, I don't see any major effects on the platform itself, nor on the markets. We're at the beginning of a bull run, anyway, so the timing looks right.

What I am more interested in, to be honest, is what Dan is going to be involved next. I think we have a little bit of data to infer some patterns, so I expect the next venture to be:

  • related to social and decentralization (he already hinted at that in the resignation post)
  • no longer than 4-5 years
  • PoS / DPoS or some flavor of this - probably that's the area in which we may see the most of the innovation
  • successful, for early adopters
  • controversial, to a certain extent

All in all, I think this is an important moment in the crypto world. There aren't too many tech people out there who could say they helped build 2 live and kicking projects, worth in the range of hundreds of millions to a few billions.

Good luck, Dan, and keep us posted here on Hive, we might join / support some of your ventures, if we "click".

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We knew it wasn't a hoax because it was posted by his @dan Hive account - digitally signed and verified as Dan Larimer.

There is some premonitions of an EOS-Dash merger, where the two help each other become much stronger.

Dan's resignation may be the thing that brings this about.

I saw he posted on Hive. Would be good to have him involved again, but I expect he wants new challenges. I have not got involved with EOS at all, so I have no idea what his issues might be with them.

we coud use him here for sure..

I don't think @dan would like to work with HIVE. But he does, no one can stop HIVE Moon Time.


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