Quarantine Log - Coronavirus Chronicles

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Yesterday I got out for the 6th time since the beginning of the quarantine, for my weekly grocery shopping.

It was very different this time, and it was mostly good stuff.

For starters, I saw people on the streets, on my way to the grocery store. Not many, but I think I counted at least 10 (which is way more than zero, as it was previous times). The most interesting was a couple, wearing masks, but at the same time looking cautiously for a bench where they could smoke a cigarette.

Second, inside the supermarket the atmosphere wasn't supercharged anymore, it was almost business as usual, except for the very small number of customers, and for the fact that they were wearing masks (not all, but 95% yes).

And third, the expression on people's faces was (for the first time since the quarantine started, 6 weeks ago) not about anxiety, or tension. It was a strange, puzzled gaze, very much like the one you see on boxer's faces when they are counted by the referee after a knock-down, the moment they just got up and look around, trying to tell everybody: "I'm ok, I'm ok, can we get back to what we're doing before?".

I put together some of the previous logs of this quarantine in a slightly longer article on my blog, if you're curious.

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Hopefully it will end soon.

Quarantine == 40 days. We are over 40 now, I think. They'll have to find a new word for it :)

Yeah, they prolonged it again until May 9th here, that will make it almost 60 days. Sixtine, not quarantine :)

Infinite USD????
I wish it wasn't a bug😂
Screenshot 20200425 at 16.47.49.png

Yeah, this was a glitch in how data is retrieved from the API node. If you refresh, it will be gone. Just checked your account now and it's looking fine:

Screen Shot 20200425 at 4.53.02 PM.png

But yeah, I agree, it would have been nice not to be a glitch 😁

Thank you,
I checked after a few seconds and the info updated correctly, those infinite USD didn't last too much 😂

Quarantined is the best protective and prohibition against stop spreading covid-19.