SNAX Support To Be Added To HIVE In "About A Month"

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According to some inside discussions between block producers and the dev team, SNAX support will come to the HIVE blockchain in "about month". This is not official yet, of course, and more tests need to be done, but I think it's a good enough piece of news to be shared here, especially since I got a few questions about SNAX position right after the HIVE hardfork.

If you don't know what SNAX is, in short, is an EOS fork with a very interesting rewards mechanism. Basically, it's a second layer on top of a few selected social media platforms, which allocates SNAX rewards based on the visibility / popularity of posts. The rewards algorithm is in their white paper, which I recommend you to read, if you have time ( As such, SNAX doesn't maintain it's own social media / blogging platform, but it "plugs itself in", by pairing those social media accounts with an account on the SNAX blockchain.

As of now, SNAX supports Twitter and Steem.

Disclaimer: I'm a SNAX block producer since day zero.

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Hey, @dragosroua.

I was wondering where SNAX might be in the support of HIVE since first asking about it on discord a while back now. Communication hasn't been quick there lately, is how I guess I will frame it. At that time they needed to replay a HIVE server or something related to that. I was hoping they'd finally worked through that.

Just out of curiosity, what sort of testing do they need to make? Is HIVE significantly different from STEEM already, or does it have to do with the fact that HIVE is still a new token and thus in some sort of volatile state? It sounds like it's not just a matter of hooking up and all systems go, which I guess I wouldn't expect to be done in an instant, but something that I would hope would be easier to do than what it sounds.

In all honesty, I don't know much about the technical details. I'm just a block producer providing resources, still believing in the project, hoping it will take off at some point, just like any other startup.

Okay. No worries. I'm just glad they decided to do this, since so many of us who could also be earning SNAX have moved or mostly moved over to HIVE. I'm also glad to hear you're still believing in the project. I think it's a great idea, but like most, it needs some sort of catalyst to get things moving.

It is a wise choice.

That are pretty welcoming news and one more direction in which HIVE can evolve and expand. Building on top of HIVE, interconnecting with other reward mechanism makes it just more appealing to its users.

Hi @dragosroua , is good that snax will migrate to HIVE.
I have a question,can I change my linked twitter account to my current SNAX account?

Very interesting!

I shared this post on Twitter:


Good to hear that. Will this be a migration or an addition?

Thank you for the information

is snax still alive there seems to be no update from the team have checked them out but nothing in recent update

That is a good news
Glad to hear that

Snax and other social media migrate to hive that posotive and good news!

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