Witness Update

in #hivelast month

For the last couple of weeks I've experienced some trouble with my witness setup. After a few attempts to reorganize the machine, I came to the conclusion my current setup is limited. No matter how I would have reassigned the SSDs, in a few months time I would have run out of space.

So I decided to ditch my old machine completely - it served me well for about two years, so I'm grateful - and configure a new one. The new machine has double the amount of storage, same RAM, and it's about 15% cheaper. Still bare metal, I'm too old to learn these fancy AWS tricks, and I want to know what's happening on the server I'm paying for, not just rely on some console reports broadcasted to me from some monitoring tool.

At the moment of writing, the setup is complete. I am producing blocks again, supporting the network as I did for more than 5 years now, and I am also publishing my price feed regularly.

If you can spare a witness vote, it would be appreciated, I am currently in the 66th position.


Hope this machine lasts you a while. Thanks for your witnessing.


Thank you, Steve, appreciated!

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