HIVE Migration announcements: dPoll and

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Hey Hive People;

  • As promised started running on HIVE blockchain, effective immediately. Support to the old chain is dropped. Keychain voting (Browser extension) is temporarily disabled. Please report in our Discord server if you see anything weird in the transition phase.

  • My public Hivemind node ( is updated to listen HIVE blockchain. Daily dumps will include the Hive blockchain's mind as of tomorrow.

I also port some libraries and tools but these two were the biggest. :) I'll release new versions on

  • Lightsteem
  • steemconnect-python-client


If you use any of my tools/libraries and need HIVE support, let me know in the comments so I can prioritize.

HIVE on. :)

A call for action regarding witness votes

Before the JS incident in the old chain, I was a consensus witness. I somehow lost my spot while all these things happened and currently enjoying #21. If you feel I deserve a consensus spot, vote for my witness.


Why would I want to run a hivemind node?

You shouldn't. I run it for you :) Why would you want to use a hivemind node, you ask?

There might be several reasons:

  • You might want to use community related APIs
  • You might want to query the database directly (I also supply direct database user credentials.)
  • You might want to serve a fat node and redirect Hivemind related requests to this node, etc...

Thanks, how are hivemind queries different from directly quering the block chain?

I will wait for your python libraries patiently :)

You need tagbot as a priority, right? :)

Its the one I use on daily basis, yes.

Nice to have you around.

You too, mate 👍

It's awesome to see the new chain getting the DAPP support this early. I had voted for you and dpoll as witnesses on STEEM. Do I have to vote again on HIVE or will the votes carry over since we on a fork?