3 years on HIVE

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3 years ago I took the plunge and received my email that I got my account on STEEM.

I had never blogged before like most here and did not really know where to begin


I had stumbled on Crypto and Bitcoin early 2017 and got really interested in the concept and the potential. Along the way down the rabbit hole I found a lot of posts on that were written on this Steem platform and the potential to make money not just by blogging but by participating in the ecosystem seemed to good to be true. I read a bit more and applied for an account.

So like most of us, I started with an intro post.


That post made a whopping 0.15 and I was blown away. I got money just for introducing myself.
The next 15 posts I made a whopping total of 0.00
Slowly I realised that just reposting stuff other people made or reposting news was not getting rewarded. The more personal stuff and viewpoints always got at least a few cents.
I just kept grinding on and faithfully wrote roughly 5 posts per week and 2 months later I got the attention of @blocktrades who voted for 2 of my posts in a row.


I later learned that this was Mrs. blocktrades who sometimes goes and curates manually when I met them in person at steemfest in Krakau.

That really kept me going and slowly I built a relationship by commenting and interacting. Just posting and hoping people will show up does not really work here. To get somewhere you have to interact and become part of the community.

Since then I have made over 600 posts and close to 5000 comments.

I have also managed to accumulate 12000 HP in Author rewards and 1220 in curation rewards.

The rest is from buying Steem/HIVE and trading a little bit.

I am currently sitting at over 20k HP and am quite pleased to have reached this. But I would have never kept at it if not for the community here.
Lately, I have not been as active due to the fact that I am trying to build out a small business which is taking most of my time but I have to admit that I sometimes miss being able to blog more often. I check my feed regularly and post comments most days as well as playing my daily @splinterlands quest in my break or on my phone during transport.

After the whole Ned, Sun, Steem debacle I had to admit I had my doubts and was tempted to power down and sell everything but I can see now that Hive is becoming more grown-up and the activity is not stopping.

I feel privileged to be part of this chain and this group of amazing people.

HIVE ON and to many more years together


That is an achievement on it's own staying around for 3 years and deserves a big congratulations. This is just the start and expect a 5 year and 10 year announcement in the future. I just think of all the people that found this place and walked away from what might have been if they had just kept at it.

yea, some will be really "slap my forehead" when they really realise what this is

Happy Birthday birthday-mate!

thanks, same to you

Congratulation for your 3 years on HIVE! ;)

thanks, its been a wild ride

You're welcome! ;)

Hey happy anniversary!

Have another


thanks for the !beer

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