Got my Mother into Crypto

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My mother likes my blogs and she had been asking why I wasn't writing them any more

HI mum...

She also asked me why I did not write more about cooking and balcony gardening since she likes that stuff better and most of the money and crypto stuff is either boring or to complicated.


Back in the day (early 2018) I made her the steem account @ladysalsa which she used to post her art for a while and where she put in 50 euro (235 Steem at the time) at the end of 2018.
She kind of gave up on the posting but the account was still there and slowly accumulating more steem.
She made it to a grand total of 440 steem which then also added 440 Hive

Her 50 euro are now worth about 200 euro depending on market fluctuations.

Last week she was asking me how my crypto was doing and in the conversation I checked on her balance. Steem has been powering down now and is going into BTC. With this windfall and understanding a bit on how the economy is doing through me, my blogs and the news she asked if she should buy some more.

To be honest I told her not to buy any more Steem or Hive. I am even taking a bit out and moving it to BTC as well. In this case I told her to diversify.

Over a long online Video session she set up the Celsius app and is now the proud owner of 200 euro in BTC (which went up close to 10% after I bought it for her)

So now she has multiple coins:
BTC earning 7% annually
STEEM (on powerdown to BTC)
HIVE (small powerdown but staying)
CEL token (interest token earning 5% annually)


Now these are not earth shattering amounts that are going to make her filthy rich but on the other hand I guess those 400 euro current value going 10x is not a bad chunk of change for anyone.

I guess in the end its not about the amount of money here.

I would say that they are the lucky ones that have paid of their house and have a decent pension that will not be eroded soon. Those coming after them that still have to retire will face the consequences of 2008 and 2020.

  • All stock gains wiped out twice
  • Pension funds cannot afford to pay out anymore
  • Bonds do not bring any interest

So where to go with your money for yield??

GOLD and Crypto (at least thats how I see it)

If you want to earn interest on your crypto then check out the Celsius app which is paying out nice yields these days. If you use this link and deposit over 200 USD in crypto or stablecoin we both will receive 10 USD in BTC

  • Are your parents into Crypto??


Hope your mom's 400 euro will be worth at least 5000€ by the end of 2020 with most of the gains from Hive going on a sick run! :p

that would be amazing... she would be so exited

She will really be grateful to you for introducing her to the crypto world which is now paying off