Trade Hive (Tool) Update

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Thanks !

Last post, I introduced my tool 'Trade Hive'.
I got heaps of upvotes for that, which I appreciate.


Yesterday, I fixed a critical bug: The 'limit order create' expiry date was a constant (04.04.2020) and the original release will stop working after that date.
This is fixed now; there is a new version:


The tool should now work ok as it is.


Things I could do:
  • blockstream (instead of a 'refresh' button)
  • adjustable expiry date, order id
  • include the 'ticker' api-call
  • include coingecko ticker
  • make orderbook scrollable/ load more than 10 entries
  • include traders names in order-history (might need a pop-up page)
  • sort 'my open orders' other than by timestamp
Things I should do:
  • redo the whole code (it's kind of hacky)
  • include Keychain / generally: better handling of wif
  • refine the styling
  • find a better name
  • design a logo
Things I want to do:
  • move on to the next project


I am not sure, how to proceed from here. (as usual)

To make this into the product, I would want it to be, I will have to play around more with other little projects and just get more experience in general.
I kind of lost the race, when I tried to have the first working market for HIVE.
There now is this local version in case the webwallets are down again. That was all I wanted to accomplish.

Right now, I would like to leave it as it is and come back to it at a later point.
However, if there is anything to fix or adjust, I am happy to look into it - just leave a comment below.


Great to have you back posting again, glad you've found more of a niche with the coding thing! Not my strength, but it works for you which is great.

I just noticed your last post on steem about a PD, glad you didn't actually cash it all out and miss out on the air drop!

Good to be back, glad you are still here :)

I was able to change the liquid steem into SBD right before the fork and bought back into liquid steem once the price had dropped. ( I am still waiting for hive to drop )

However, now some of my steem is stuck at @rudex bitshares gateway.

That's interesting - did SBD hold its value significantly better than Steem?

I'm buying in and out HIVE-BTC as it comes down.

BTC pumps aside (which may or may not happen) I'm sure that after the 13 Week PD and once that HIVE DAO money starts getting sold with little to show for it in the medium term, the price of Hive will be back down to 1000 odd Satoshis.

I mean this is basically STEEM, with a more viscous community bubble isn't it? Proof of that is that my rewards are up significantly with no real value-justification for it.

Damn those exchanges!

did SBD hold its value significantly better than Steem?

yep, and I am a little proud of how well it worked.w

sold ~5k STEEM for SBD
bought ~7k STEEM back for those SBD, just a few hours later.

... could buy back 6k HIVE for the airdropped HBD, but I agree: HIVE price is going to drop significantly mid term.

Wow congratulations! Never even occurred to me TBH!

I'm with you on buying Hive, patience is the key there.

I'm just trading Steem for BTC and holding that - or rather trading in and out of LTC as that fluctuates, and a couple of thousand Hive, I figure that's going to go up and down, up and down before it settles.

I don't mind if I get stuck with a few thousand Hive on the way down, it's a hedge in case BTC (and then everything else) pumps like crazy, in which case there might be speculation on Hive.

I think most people buying in now are expecting a medium term speculative pump.