Hive Relate Questions (I need answers people :p)

in #hivelast year


Hello i hope everyone is doing well! So i got 2 different question that i seek answers!

1) How do i insert a Gif?

When i made a post on steemit i used to just copy the gif link or the html5 video and i was done with it. When i do this now it either considers it an a image or a video whereas is shows the whole site not just the gif

Any suggestions to that?

2) Delegations

Once again on Steemit i used to have a delegation and when the account pretty much "copy/pasted" in here so did the delegation. On Steemit though, i undelegated (that's the word?) but nothing happened here.


so the questions is, do i need to do something different to undelegate here as well or because it's "copy/pasted" i will see forever the delegation?


Hmmmn...maybe check the wallet section on has more features

For the 1st question, it works (i believe) the same as steem
I just post the 'social link' that I find here >
It has to end to .gif

Regarding the 2nd, I have not figured it out yet ... I will wait if someone else responds