Error 502 Bad gateway on / 404 page on -- how to solve

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Are you stuck on an error page when you try to access

I had the same issue in the past few days.

I solved opening the browser dev tools and clearing the site data:



  • Open the browser Dev Tools (command + option + J on Mac, F12 on Windows)
  • Click on the "Application" tab
  • In the top left corner of the dev tools click on "Clear Storage" and "Clear site data" like in the screenshot above.


October 9th 18:52 EDT

At the moment of writing seems to work better than if the latter runs with the default settings.

I, for example, keep getting this 404 page:


This seems to be caused by the #hf24 in progress, in fact some errors mentioning node issues appear in the bottom right corner of the page.

To solve this temporary issue... 👇


HOW can you switch node in

See this post from @aggroed:

Hope these advices help!
Take care =]


HOW can you switch node in

Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and choose as node:


NOTE: if it's the first time you use (maybe because is having issues) you'll have to dismiss the cookie notice in order to see the node choice options (that caused my dumb question in the first place).

The problem with the above is that when you navigate to other pages it goes back to using the default node

To solve the problem (eg. when you follow a link on the page does not load properly) just add the following at the end of the address in the address bar and hit refresh.




Funziona confermo :) Grande grazie
!discovery 40

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Ma per chrome!?XD

ok ci sono riuscito, non ce la facevo più! grazie!

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Yayyyyyyy! It worked!
Thank you very much - I was stuck for the last 3 days, and was using peakd.

Hola me podrías indicar las teclas del teclado a utilizar porque de verdad las desconozco nos e como llegar allí. saludos desde Aragua - Venezuela y muchas gracias.


  • Mac: command + option + J
  • Windows: F12

Glad it helped! =]

Just saw this link shared in the Hive General Chat on Discord - thanks so much for the tip! I was hoping the Hard Fork would clear up the 502 error, but this did the trick. Since this is past post payout, and TipU is currently offline, I'm sending a little token of my gratitude directly to your wallet - much appreciation again, @gaottantacinque!