My Hivewatchers blacklist. My apology to the Hive community."

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Hello with this post I want to express my mistake and sincerely apologize to the Hive community. By posting links to my posts where I collected information from other sources.

I sincerely want to apologize and I hope you will forgive me for the mistake I made. I thought that if I take a little information that is a fact such as dates and years of situations that have happened and the history of places as I thought it was not a mistake to write true information that is not good to invent and lie to people. But it was not correct to take information from a foreign source to write about my own as I missed the rule that the author of this text should be emphasized. I was not clear enough with the rules that should be read carefully. Now, after what I have done, I am learning a wise lesson about the fact that we must be completely sincere. I sincerely regret and regret the mistakes we have made, and everyone is wrong. I hope you let me back in this wonderful platform that promises a great future to the world. I apologize for trying to get information from foreign sources. I think I can give a lot of myself and show people that I am a real artist and I love to write about life, nature, animals and the world in general. Somehow through this community I developed myself and I can't forgive myself for what I allowed to happen in order not to write wrong information about the historical facts that happened about the places I visited. I am sorry that I tried to give information that is not sincere from the heart and soul that I have not learned myself for fear of giving wrong information to people in this community I made a mistake. My sincere apologies to the #Hive community


Съжелявам, давай на ново квото и да правиш, няма да е същия

Мислиш ли

Да мой приятел, пострада могат да те махнат има едно условие, но трафикът ти няма да бъде възстановен, така че дори и да не до блак лист , няма да можеш да правиш теьи хайфове, най общо взето

Ее той направи ли това обжалване

Той, направи много повече от това, то дълга история ще се чуем да ти кажа, но се захващай с нов , ще ти кажа кат се чуем