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RE: Some information about the Hive(previously steem) proposal system/sps/steem.dao/hive development fund/hdf

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Who decided to convert the HIVE to HBD exactly? The community?
HBD is already broken and you want to increase the debt?


Chill, it won't be done overnight. As you can see it's a plan for the future.

Exactly, it's an idea up in the air, we also thought about having proposals pay out in hive, but that has issues where the price of hive may change significantly between the start of a proposal and the end of one (especially for those one year long proposals)

Also there are talks to remove the hbd and hive in the sps as counting towards the debt ratio, it would only count at payout (which makes sense when you think about it). So it wouldn't change much for the peg if that hive is converted or not. point is that this decision, which has an impact on the Hive economy, has been taken by 2 people it seems... How did they calculate how much to convert exactly? How did they calculate the economic impact?

Everything will be converted, because there is not really a point in keeping frozen assets there (can't withdraw hive from the sps). And those changes have yet to hit live servers, if you feel like you have good ideas about it (or anything) please come on gitlab ( to write them down.

The economic impact would be minimal because as stated above, these funds won't count towards the debt ratio.

If it doesn't count towards the debt then I guess it's another story, I didn't see that part in the post, that's why I was asking.
I'm not an economist, I just know that it's not a good idea to increase the debt 😉

You're right, but I think this post was more about presenting possible solutions than a statement that no other options are possible.