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The phishing message looks like this:


There is a new phishing attack going around the Hive ecosystem.

Please, do not click on any links provided to you in comments, Discord, or in any sort of message.

There will never be any "Exclusive Anniversary Airdrop" in existence or circulating Hive Ecosystem or through Discord direct messages of any kind.

Do not download any files or install any software advised to you in comments or messages.

How can you help?

  1. If you have spotted a shortened '' phishing link, please report it here: [email protected]
  2. Reply to the comment warning others that it's phishing. Use the word "phishing" as this is not a mere scam.
  3. Warn your friends.

We leave you with the message of:

Think before you click! Remain vigilant!

Please share this post and spread the word. If you dislike Hivewatchers, consider writing your own post to warn others about phishing.


El mensaje de phishing se ve así:


Hay un nuevo ataque de phishing en el ecosistema de Hive.

Por favor, no hagas clic en ningún enlace que se te proporcione en los comentarios, Discord o en cualquier tipo de mensaje.

Nunca habrá ningún "Airdrop Exclusivo de Aniversario" en existencia o en circulación por el Ecosistema Hive oa través de mensajes directos de Discord de ningún tipo.

No descargue ningún archivo ni instale ningún software que se le indique en comentarios o mensajes.

¿Como puedes ayudar?

  1. Si ha detectado un enlace de phishing '' abreviado, infórmelo aquí: [email protected]
  2. Responda al comentario advirtiendo a los demás que es phishing. Utilice la palabra "phishing", ya que no se trata de una simple estafa.
  3. Advierta a sus amigos.

  • Te dejamos con el mensaje de: *

¡Piense antes de hacer clic! ¡No bajar la guardia!

  • Por favor comparta esta publicación y corra la voz. Si no te gustan los Hivewatchers, considera escribir tu propia publicación para advertir a los demás sobre el phishing. *

Is spaminator your account? He still downvoting my new post.
plz reply.

Post that I have published 14 min ago. post link:

@pfunk and @likwik is downvoting and @nobutsd is stealing from my friend

Your alter account has been put on the spaminator blacklist for mas junk post spam farming that has been happening for weeks, but we see now that you have also got your account hacked a few hours ago by clicking on a phishing link.

Please reset/change the account keys on your other account "happyfrog420" by using the OWNER key in the wallet. As soon as possible.

Please mention that you have been hacked in our Discord.

He did it but the message is: "error"

Blacklist? Mas junk post spam farming?
I cannot understand

It's been solved. Thank you for coming to Discord to talk to us. We are sorry to know that you have lost your account to the hacker with no possibility to recover it.

Thank you 👍

My friend @safiro also got her account hacked
and then she was blacklisted by @spaminator.

I tried to send a direct message to @Hivewatchers-Helper in Discord but the message was rejected. This is the message:

I'm sorry for addressing you a direct message.
I saw your user name in this post:

There someone talks about being unfairly blacklisted by @spaminator.

There's a friend of mine ( whose account was hacked, then used for sending a lot of comments to other accounts. Then I recommended her to change her Hive passwords, that was ok, except for the fact that her account seems to be blacklisted by @spaminator for the many comments someone sent using her account.

She talked about that in this post:

Is there a possibility to remove her account from the @spaminator blacklist?
(your Discord link is no longer valid)

Thank you.
Greetings from a far-off land.

Gracias @amaponian por tu apoyo, escribí por discord a cervantes a ver si alguien puede ayudarme a salir de esa lista negra, hay muchos abusador y a veces inconscientemente caemos en sus manos.

Thanks @amaponian for your support, I wrote by discord to cervantes to see if someone can help me to get out of that blacklist, there are many abusers and sometimes we unconsciously fall into their hands.

Te veo y te contesto desde PeakD. Saludos.

Private messages are blocked for the members of the team. If you would like to report phishing please report it in the main phishing channel.

The user @safiro needs to come in person to this channel to inquire.
We don't process proxy inquires.

@hivewatchers I have a question. How all these accounts were hacked? Is there any Hive app I should stay away? Or something else is happening?

The accounts have been hacked by following external links to fake airdrop/prize giveaways.
At the moment there is no app in the Hive ecosystem, that we know of, which has been hacked.

Just saw this. Proceeding as usual:

  • New shortener service used by the attackers added to my list;
  • Replying to all comments with a script;
  • Filling their db with fake credentials;

Our response time is too slow. Guys you should add the phishing links to @GuiltyParties's repository as soon as you notice a new phishing wave.
@keys-defender queries it every hour (I can change that to every 5 mins if that helps - PS. done) and merges that list with its own.
Also, make sure you join my discord and I'll assign you a role to see the monitoring channels. My code always detects a new wave early because they test different url shorteners on steem first.

Thank you very much for your work. An hour ago I received a similar link, I did not open it. Have a nice day.

Thank you for the warning. I just got this on my post as well. Will tell others about it

Phishers are getting clever these days taking advantage of Hive power up trend in Twitter.

Many thanks for the Info, I also have received a comment like this. Have a great Day!

Thanks this is good. Thanks again. Appreciate it.

thanks for the warning. But 7th anniversary should already raise an arm to whoever gets the message as we only just a year

That indeed seemed strange to my that some Hive community was giving JST and SUN

The phishing is likely created by the scammer who shills for Justin Sun on Steemit and is one of Steemit whales

good work big brother thanks for showing your love and kindness for all users who work at hive

Okay but thank you I never do and and I don't know what air drop is I don't use anything like that and thank you so much for posting this is important information reblog

Thanks for the clarification. I got such message in my post which I did early today. Glad I never clicked on it.

@ridoykhan22 please stop it.

My privet posting kye was hacked. Sorry for this

OK.. downvoting everything you have until you have proof that you have got your account back.

I just change my all kyes.. And remove all the comment as soon as Possible.

Do you know if it was just your posting key? When you first noticed your posting key was hacked?

You can tell us more if you wish... this is an open world...

give me time .. i just change all pass and also posting key .. now i am remove all the comment that done by hacker .. then post a blog about this ..

I will wait for your explanation... will give you time... then I will curate.

Don't worry if you are a true "with proof" person... #HIVE #blockchain #community sees everything... and we will change/update things accordingly.

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Thank you for the information, but a friend of mine has been hacked 😥 and cannot post. Does it mean that he has lost his profile? What should he does?

Hello, a week ago I noticed that my account had been violated because someone made a bad comment using my account to publish, at the time I realized I decided to inform each user, I made a post informing of this inconvenience.
evidence of my warning when I noticed the problem, I also changed my passwords immediately for security.