Core development report #8

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Hello !

It's been while since I've done one of those, so I figured I'd do one. It's rather short because there isn't much to talk about. I finished testing hf24 and I am now working to get the RC delegation feature to work again.

You might remember me saying that the feature was ready, well the issue is that a lot of the code around it has changed (rebranding and optimization from @blocktrades' team) so I need to adapt my pull request to work with them and also follow the rebranding (I had to remove a lot of "steem" here and there). And it's not an easy process as I'm not too familiar with some of the changes. One fun tidbit I noticed today is one of the devs leaving a message for devs like me:


Basically some things used to be accessible and now they aren't so you need to code some things differently (it's not a bad thing).

Anyways, work is underway, I have decided to leave the original merge request intact while I work to get the feature to work again because I am changing a lot of things and I want to keep somewhere a branch with the code that works on hf23 in case I delete some code by mistake.

The gitlab is currently unavailable so I can't link the branch I'm working on to you, but as soon as it is, feel freel to check it out, the name is feature/rc_delegation_rebase



I guess I am one of those odd-ball laymen that like to read these reports. I know a very little bit about programming, and it was kind of nice that someone left a note in the code for future developers. One thing I have often heard is that there is not enough documentation with code.

I hope the RC issue you have can be repaired for the HF and that all goes well. Thank you for the update. Just think after HF24 no more Steem references.

I read them too. Even though I know nothing about it I like to see what's happening.

There are few enough people posting behind the scenes things, so it is always nice to read one.

Good work, keep the updates coming!

Also, why is gitlab down?

Unsure, I think it's just a server hiccup. Nothing to worry about.

It's up now, btw.

Thank you for the work and the updates!