@themarkymark - I see your challenge and raise you

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A couple of days ago, Hive witness @themarkymark made a post asking the community to purchase $10 of Hive with him. So Marky, I see your request and I raise you to $200.
Thanks for the picture, Marky!
To the Hive community, If you truly believe in this platform; I strongly encourage you to invest into it and not just be here to see what you can pull from it... I mean, we all can't be @cryptofinally.
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I chose $10 as I thought that would be much more reasonable for a larger amount of people. I originally wanted to do $100 but that's a difficult amount for most people to spend out of nowhere.

I figured. lol I was more making a joke out of anything. Stay rad and keep supporting Hive!

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