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RE: Airdrop Proposals: My Stance

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I am right there with you on all of this and am of the same mindset (minus doing any dev work) and I also voted for the Hive Secondary Airdrop: No Additional Airdrops. The only person that I feel should maybe receive an airdrop is @steemchiller but obviously they made the choices that they made and that is wholly on them.

EDIT: Given new information... FUCK @steemchiller!!!


steemchiller showed their colours, he is in favour of JS and in fact he is now #1 witness on the other chain.

IMO he deserves nothing.

Oh I had no idea about that. I was thinking back to when the launch first happened! Thanks for informing me. Yeah fuck that guy then!!!!!


ok, edit, #2 right now.

Look at this post if you need further evidence that he's now a JS disciple.


Hey, @empoderat, @jacobpeacock.

Unless the list got amended again, there's already one before these that have been deemed mistakes due to the algorithm used to choose the accounts to not airdrop in the first place. As far as I know, steemchiller is already in line to receive the airdrop, regardless of his current witness status on STEEM.

That said, I think there's more animosity between him and those who are witnesses here and/or movers and shakers behind the scenes than there is a hatred for HIVE and what it's supposed to stand for. That's my own opinion, based on other posts, comments steemchiller has made over the years. That's not to excuse any more recent behavior on his part, but to provide further context to a situation that I think is more complex and nuanced in quite a few more cases than people want them to be.

Here's the link to the post where the mistake list was published.

I double checked the proposal lists and he's not on either of them, so I'm pretty sure he's to be included on the mistake list.

Thanks @glenalbrethsen, I didn't remember that fact.

I agree that the matter it's very complex, but in my eyes he's playing both sides here. As a witness he's agreeing to freeze top stakeholder funds just to satisfy Justin and for the witness rewards.

Quite nasty, as their proposal (pre-fork drama) received some funding I remember. After that he refuses to port the app to hive? Congrats. Double moral & standards here.

I'm going to STFU. I'm sorry for the early morning rant.

Thanks again :)

Hey, @empoderat.

Okay to rant, early morning or not. I'm finding myself doing it a little more these days than I would prefer, too. :)

Yeah. I haven't been able to reconcile the whole freezing of accounts, temporarily or otherwise since the former STEEM and now mostly current witnesses did it shortly after the takeover of Steemit Inc. by Sun back in February, and I thought I read something from steemchiller that he was pledging not to do that. So, as I said, his actions lately are things he's accountable for.

re: funding

Well, that's at least where part of the feud persisted, if not began. The SPS is an odd duck if you're not used to having funding one day and none the next, and that's basically what happened. And mainly because steemworld wasn't open source.

I guess I sound like I'm defending him, and I suppose to some degree I am, mainly because steemworld has been the best, in my opinion, data and all around utility tool STEEM ever had. Beyond that, I don't know him, and can't tell what his true intentions are other than what his words and actions say.

As I said, though, I think it's more to do with his personality, and those behind the creation of HIVE, more than philosophical differences of decentralization. It's a shame, but he does have some blame in that, as well as the rest, and I doubt either side is going to recognize their parts in it any time soon.

Whoa, have been reading this whole conversation.

Hive may have other problems, but at least we have minded individuals here :)

Such a pleasure @jacobpeacock & @glenalbrethsen

Looking to engage with you both soon.

@glenalbrethsen thanks for spelling all of that out. I am assuredly aware of the complexity of the situation and as previously stated I was unaware of the role that he took on after the fork. That said I feel pretty stupid including him in my initial comment. Thankfully @empoderat brought it to my attention and I could revise my perspective.

As for the list of people in the 'mistake' list I have been operating under the assumption that they already had (or will) receive an airdrop. That assumption is solely based on my perceptions about the integrity of the witnesses involved. In other words: I believe that they will do (or already have done) the right thing and give the folks on the list an airdrop. Of course I cold be wrong on both accounts so it would be nice to have some 'official' word on that topic.

Hey, @jacobpeacock.

It would be nice to know all of what's in HF24, but so far, I haven't been able to piece that together, and while everyone behind has been very active, it's been a while since we've seen a post on the update of their progress. The airdrop proposals are a part of that, I understand, but I didn't see them listing anything else.

re: mistake list

Right. From what I understand of that, it is a done deal as far as it will be done, but since it needs a hard fork to make it happen, it's still to come, along with, apparently this last group of airdrop proposals, if they were to get approval from the community.

So, I'm certainly not official, just agreeing with you on your understanding of things as I understand them. :)

My main purpose was to let you know steemchiller is on the mistake list, so he's receiving an airdrop, warranted or not.

Thanks @glenalbrethsen!

Yeah I have not been keeping up with the HF24 stuff (or the Witnesses) and have mostly just focused on content creation as well as helping new users so I know very little of current affairs and whatever the road-map is moving forward.

I am a bit surprised to learn that he is on the 'mistake' list.

It seems like everything is so convoluted at this point and I honestly cannot wait until Hive is completely disentangled from the previous blockchain.

Cheers and I hope you have a nice day/night.

It sounds like at least one of us is being productive. :) There are advantages to keeping your head down and keeping on. And in reality, you haven't missed that much, because even though my head has been up, I don't know what the roadmap is either. As far as those who are keeping HIVE moving forward are concerned, it seems to be either work hard to make things go forward, or come up for air and report on what you've done. We probably need a PR department that faces inward at some point. :)

re: convoluted

It definitely is. Someone apparently thinks it's not, though. I suppose if you take out the human elements, it isn't. I guess as individuals make their cases, if they choose to separately, more of the human side of things will be included. There's already a group of four folks who are on the latest individuals list who have their own proposal up and waiting for whatever people choose to do. Post is by crimsonclad in case you weren't aware of it.

Same to you. In Oregon, where I'm at, it's still morning for another three hours or so. :)

I did not need any further evidence but thanks. Just seeing it makes me cringe!

Yeah, I'm sure he's got good intentions in mind, but he's quite vocally against Hive and in favor of JS. 😒

Indeed. I had no idea he had taken on such a role before making my comment. I kind of want to edit that part out but that would just make the rest of the comment thread seem confusing.