Hey welcome to hive! I’m glad you came over here and found us! Please tell me a little more about yourself. What are your interests?

The platform, hive, is a vibrant place where you can earn some cryptocurrency for posting things about your life, daily habits and that type of stuff. Because there’s a lot of development going on here, the more normal people that we can get on here the better. You learn more about this and you in turn spread the word to your friends and family. We all win!

One of the things since you’re new to hive, is to talk to everyone!. Talking with some of the people who have been here for a while, we remember one of the best things we did was find other people’s posts through others or go looking and start commenting meaningful things. If you drop small phrases it won’t get you much attention but if you look at a persons post and leave a great comment, a lot of times they will appreciate it and talk with you. If you continue to do this you will develop a friendship with them and will gain followers and grow your account. This is not an easy and fast process. It takes time but the more effort you put in the more you can be rewarded, with limitations of course.

I just say this in hopes you go out there and really connect with people and grow your account. The more we all do this, the more people will come here to take advantage of such a great place.

Wow... that's a very warm welcome. I'm a crypto HODLer since 2014. 90% of my networth are in crypto (mostly Bitcoin and $BSV). I only convert to fiat or USDT whenever I need to spend money. I'm not a native English speaker, so my writing might be sometime confusing.. Hopefully everyone can bear with it.

That boat I posted in my post is bought using Bitcoin back in 2017. 😄

That’s good! I got into the game a bit late. I heard, like most people, of bitcoin but I didn’t end up doing anything to get some until too late. I’m glad I did get into it in early 2018 but a few years behind others. I still think I’m an early adopter though so it will turn out well.

If you like posting and talking about crypto the best place for you here is in a community called Leo Finance. If you are on go to the communities section and look for Leo Finance. It’s a very crypto focused community you can post in but I would also advocate for you to comment on peoples posts there. Get to know some of them they are a very good group of people that are very smart and involved with the finance part of crypto.