How to think and not be stupid // Cryptofinally drama

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Drama happened and i didnt make a post about it already, so here it is for those that waited eagerly😏. You can probably guess what this will be about but if youve been living under a rock for the past few days and havent heard about it, ill be talking a bit about the @cryptofinally drama that occurred.

Those that dislike my style of writing, now is the time to click away. :)

Ill try to explain a few things to all the participants of the story.

The stupid and malicious, those that dont care, the well meaning but missing the point and the mob.

I want to emphasize a few things first. HIVE as a cryptocurrency is a very complex beast. In no other case i know of does your portfolio and monetary gain on-chain depend on your connections, your name recognition, your friendships so much.
Your ability to socialize with the right people, to play the game of politics determines greatly how you do on HIVE.
Id say emotion and the human ego is also a great factor to consider in a system like we have (have understanding for it) and i think we wholly disregarded it so far as can be seen in the case of cryptofinally.

If you dont want to read any further im just going to go out and say why i think this all happened.

Someone bad mouthed Cryptofinally to the wrong person.


Thats it. Thats all it took.
Because with HIVE the social aspect is so strong and people can make monetarily significant actions based on how they feel about someone you arrive in a position of conflict more often then not.

When, undoubtedly, the downvoted person feels "pain" or discomfort over the negative action made against her/him they think is unjust, you get drama.
Thats why i can say that while i will not support everything Cryptofinally said about Hive i can understand why she did act like she did.

The lack of reason and practicality.


Why do i say that?
Well, lets take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? Member Steem?
A while back when we were all on Steem doing our thing we faced a major problem we never managed to find a solution to.

No one was talking about STEEM, ever.

You had no twitter posts about Steem, you had no influencers that supported Steem, major crypto publications havent mentioned Steem, literally in years. (except in bad light)

We had no marketing strategy (still dont), no online presence, and created no interest in the minds of the wider crypto community.
We had so much luck that the drama with Justin turned out as it did or wed be in a hole somewhere screaming our lungs out: "HELLO, IS ANYONE THERE!".

I guess everyone forgot about that. I guess we grew some wings now, wer too cool for school and wer in a position to run off one of the biggest influencers in crypto.

I dont care what she said. I dont care she doesnt vote witnesses. I dont care she isnt involved with the politics here. I dont care she doesnt curate.
She has 50k followers on twitter. Shes nominated for multiple crypto influencer awards. She walks around conventions and rubs butts with big name crypto personalities.

I dont care you "disagree" with her nipples.


To the stupid and malicious, theres no helping you and your petty little rivalries and dislikes.

To those that dont care, you should. Shes useful and we will hardly find a bigger account on twitter to shill us. You gotta be nice to shills, you pat them on the back, you say good job. You say theyre pretty and how awesome their cringy posts are.
You dont go and say:

Fuck her bruh, she be showing her tattas and she entitled bruh.


No, you become practical and instead of not caring about a major influencer leaving, you be smart and you show that you ACTUALLY dont care.
You go and dont care about what she says as long as she continues to work towards your interest.
The objective cost was very low.

Its very easy to demonize someone. Its very easy to find someone faults or what she said wrong.

Oh she fed the trolls. Oh she got burned and sat in the fire. Oh she said it was the community fault. etc.

Thats very easy to do. Its very easy to be a part of the mob and find justification for your position based on how many around you are screaming the same thing.
Whats hard is to take a step back and look at the practical side of things.

One more thing i want to touch on before i end this post is the "well meaning but missing the point"bunch.
Acid, Blocktrades, whoever else. Why would you give her a lecture in HIVE politics and platform mechanics? Why do you think she cares? Why would we even need her to care? You dont ask a hammer to be a paintbrush.
She had a purpose that she fulfilled, i feel quite well actually, she never shown interest to get introduced to the intricacies of our system.
We should have never asked her to.

All you had to do is nod along and heal her post. Instead, you entered a long and winded convos, her ego started acting up because she didnt feel she had any large stakeholder support and we ended up where we did.


I know we "must" downplay all this now, as we should. Its done, so "FUCK HER", we dont need her, right. Fine.
But i wanted to write this post and share why i think this was handled very stupidly.

We are not above these kinds of people. We are not above the need for twitter influencers. Weve seen that already and experienced it painfully for years. After all, the listings we got came from the twitter pressure and influencers talking about us. Just on the shallowest of notes, more people in crypto know about her then they know about HIVE.
Lets take our heads out our asses and in the future not repeat this shit.



Fair enough, use a tool as a tool. It would be best then to discuss how best to use these like coruscates posts and the other influencers although the others seem to be happy with their pandering but still would be best to have a standard for these roles at the very least the bigger accounts that do not like them can just leave 'em be then it is just a case of all big accounts that don't like them leaving them they will receive no money and will sulk. One problem at a time though. Not like we can go ahead and fix the way voting is broken. It definitely is best to let people die off in their own bubbles and I always prefer people slowly realising they are nothing over hitting them over the head. Then again I just hate people so take it with a grain of salt.

would be best to have a standard for these roles

Exactly. They got their slack, they need to deal with each other on how to act in these types of situations.
Being decentralized doesnt mean we get to run around like headless chickens.

You flyz to cloze to the sunz, you meltz yer wingz,...

Her only problem was too many voters willing to vote on posts with more than 5htu on them.
We have failed her as a community.

All hail, Bernie!
(For setting the record straight.)
Shame on those that pandered to her with their votes!

Vote a post with less then 2htu on it, eh?

(Not you personally, LB, we know you got enough problems through consistently speaking your piece.)

lol. you made me giggle with that comment.. So thx for that. :)

Fully agree with you... We have to be smarter even if we dislike with certain people...

Comparing Hive price action recent days and her talking bad about it on twitter, can I safely say probably twitter shill won’t do much to the price anymore? Maybe it did back in 2017/2018. Just my two cents.

Those affects arent immediate nor can you measure them in those terms. Her online footprint is large and exchanges look at those things, they look at twitter analytics and her use was in the fact that she could improve our stats.

Saying that you didnt see her affect the price thus she doesnt add much is wrong. Neither me or you can affect the price, does that mean wer not worth much?
No. These things are complex. I dont think influencers would "be a thing" in virtually every industry if they did nothing.

You wouldnt expect Kim Kardashian to raise the price of the PEPSI stock because of a few tweets and commercials, would you?
Theres still value in her though.

You wouldnt expect Kim Kardashian to raise the price of the PEPSI stock because of a few tweets and commercials, would you?

Actually yes.,off%20the%20company's%20market%20value.

It's not Kim herself, but it actually would have an immediate effect.

Oh yikes. lol.
And they say influencers dont matter.

not just her not affecting price, but also look at steem/binance, despite all the stories, does the price affect? Like you said, maybe unless it's Kim Kardashian I guess. If I really look in long run, crypto influencer culture will just die out.

So are you saying this whole situation turned out "ok", doesnt matter what happened because you dont see her affecting price?
I find that a strange position.

I dont think its good when anyone leaves the platform, let alone someone with massive following.

People come and go ,most without even saying a word when they left, many that have left have come back too. I only express my opinions about crypto influencer culture. Comment is a bit off topic, to be ignored.

Nobody cares what you think. You’re some little bitch who pretends to be his wife.

before i start reading comments.

Why would you give her a lecture in HIVE politics and platform mechanics? Why do you think she cares? Why would we even need her to care?

because she told she does.

i know you seen tweets from crim and some other people, that tried to find the solution to the problem she claimed she had. but she did not care about that, because that what she told was not really the problem she had.

i do understand, and most of what you wrote is ok, but only end game that she would be happy with is everyone voting her 100% and saying how great she is. but she
explicitly said several times that is not the problem.

i am not sure what she expected. witnesses to take bernies stake? crim even suggested coding on chain mute that would go across apps, but she ignored it because the problem she claimed was not the problem she had.

maybe i am a bit touchy on the subject of spinning and selling a narrative that is clearly bull, because i see it every day, and people just swallow it. Just yesterday our prime minister said on national TV, police did not fire tear gas on people, people trow tear gas on police, cryptofinally said it is about comments of one person. It was about comments of one person the same as people throwing 50 canisters of expired tear gas on police.

but i am just an unimportant small user, or how cryptofinally called me, the devils advocate.

Yeah, i saw crim come in. But that was a little too late. She already made up her mind. Im not really trying to defend Cryptofinally, i think she caters to the lowest common denominator on twitter and acted unreasonably in this case, didnt really give Hive a shot and bailed at the first sign of trouble but shes out now.
Me trying to explain anything to her is pointless. (I did try)
The most i can do is adress how the community thats still here acts and why they should change their behavior.

I think she expected other large stakeholders to come defend her. That didnt really happen, not in the way she expected to as an outsider. As someone thats a large influencer. She expected protection and got what i wrote above.

No one was talking about STEEM, ever

I really feel she should at least know what's she's getting into. Maybe bthe full details would have come to her later. But then again, it might not.

But what do I know?

We need these people on our side. So we'll keep on working on every platform.

Also what happened to Dodge recently, we could worknour way to TikTok all we need is someone with a really cool dance.

Nothing matters but the fact, what you said, "we need these people on our side."

Thats it, thats where the conversation stops.
Thats all you need to know.

Lol 50k followers on twitter with 18% dead/bot/fake followers according to sparktoro hardly seems like a loss! NO one, 10 or even 1000 influencers are going to make or break these dapps to be fair. Influencers are a product of the ecosystem, not the maker of the ecosystem, there will be new ones, there will be ones that give up, the cycle continues.

But yes we should play nice, but also call people out on their bullshit, its a fine line and the individual should make up their mind where they stand

Alright, so its not 50k followers, its 35k, fine. Do you have 35k followers? If you put us all together on twitter would we hit that number?
Shes nominated for a bunch of rewards, has decent engagement, which means she has a reach. Thats a fact.
And folks like you ran her off because you "called her on her bullshit" and lost a useful tool in the process.
Its because you dont think. You dont weigh pros and cons.
I called her out on her bullshit. Nice, what did you gain? Is Hive better off now?

The influencers and crypto personalities are one of the reasons why we got listed so fast on so many exchanges. Everybody clapped and was ecstatic every time someone mentioned us on twitter. And now, these people dont matter?
Industry leaders think they do.
Other industries utilize influencers as well, but we know best, right?
Who needs them... member Steem? I do.

Well some of us don't brag about the stuff we do online, my job is marketing I know how to drive traffic, I've worked with influencers, I know the deal, how to works, it's primarily vanity metrics.

The site is not better or worse, its the same

Ok, so if nothing changed, she was useless. Thats the position youre taking.
Fine. I think youre absolutely wrong but thats your opinion.
thx for chiming in.

If you work in marketing, couldn't you be useful in this situation instead of shitting on it?

I could be useful but apparently I am wrong so there's that

Stop getting your feelings hurt and prove people who disagree with you wrong then x)

Lol my feelings aren't hurt mate, I just know when to walk away! Companies actually pay me for my opinions and strategies. I really have nothing to prove. The best workers are often the quiet ones

Isn't the best workers the workers who help others succureed despite their position within the company? :D

I mean, if you have so much knownledge about marketing, couldn't that be used to push hive further

I think what cryptofinally does is good/helping the chain, like the interviews she does is amazing :)

She most certainly do a lot more than I do :)

I don't know the details, so I can't comment on the drama. Personally I avoid drama, it's just too much for me.

However, I strongly disagree with nipple shaming or body/nudity shaming :( I don't understand how people shame anyone for sexual content as if they've never watched porn in their life.

As an artist- stop banning nipples on all social platforms!! D:

As a woman- bra's are torture for me. Also a quick check of the girl's account, I don't see anything nudity related or even close, since when is it a crime to pose for a photo...

Taking the time to learn any platform is important, because then we see if it works for us. I'm certainly still learning about Hive, but I mostly stick to art communities.
Just an example- I don't use Tik Tok and never plan to, it's not for me. Blogging isn't fun for everyone but it's certainly not getting enough exposure to find people who would find it fun.

from what i got it was more of argument that she has more nipple following than crypto following, not really hating on nipples. have no idea is that true as i was not following her on twitter or instagram.

OMG! I just died at "nipple following"

Sure, but won't most big influences, gamers or artists on other platforms have non crypto oriented communities. Are they going to be unwelcome here because majority of their followers might never care about crypto? But I'm sure I'm missing something here.

Edit: However, I'm not for treating those people special because of their followers. They'd need to contribute some sort of value just as well as others.

Thx for sharing. Most of what you said i agree with. Most. :)
Complex topics but i think what i covered in the post goes more towards the overall attitude of folks and how they acted in this particular situation.

Yeah, but just as you did just now, anyone can express disagreement without name calling or bullying. :) I'm against unnecessary nasty comments and mean gossips. There is sadly too little empathy and civility on internet in general.

Edit: Also if she also used insults and gossip, I would be against it. It's not a gender issue.

Yuuup.... You're right

After all, the listings we got came from the twitter pressure and influencers talking about us

I used to believe this too until @justineh said in her proposal that it was actually because of her we got listed. She didn’t say that the twitter push from the community was nothing worth though. Also followed by a nice suggestion to create a proposal if we did put some effort to spread te word about hive. I didn’t create a proposal but I’m sure it would have got massive support! Even if I would mention that my regular hourly rate is 65 euro. Yeah, right...

I do not support the leak but it shows the necessity for change in our perceived power structure.
Why would you believe what Justine has to say? If i wanted to get 30k USD id say anything that favors me.

I was not amused how that proposal was pushed down the community’s throat like that. Even with lots of protest she wouldn’t step back and change the proposal to reach real consensus. I don’t really care about the broken proposal system anymore tbh. It just doesn’t feel comfortable to see certain specific people milking the funds, while a random individual wouldn’t get a fair chance to even get close to his/her proposal being accepted.

The way that proposal made it was just ridiculous. But who am I, right? :) As long as “the community” (a couple of big whales) upvotes those proposals, I don’t feel like I have much to say, besides questioning whether it’s realistic.. In that case it was ridiculously out of proportion...