Woah... five? Already?

in #hive5 months ago

It's really hard to believe this is true, but then again, computers cant lie, right? Ok, so its kind of true, but the whole thing started back in the day with STEEM and whatnot. Anywho…



It might be awkward to admit, more so at this stage, that I'm here mostly due to Jerry Banfield. Who is Jerry? Well, if you don't know, I'm sure it won't matter much to you anyways. BUT, it just might be enough to say he was one of the guys pushing this blockchain early on like a soldier. If you had any interest in crypto back in those days, it was almost a given you would run into him…. Yet.. that's a story for another day…. Maybe…


Here’s to five more years my friends




5 years already? Hard to believe indeed :-) It seems like 5 years at least since we last spoke as well; so good to see you're still active. You know you are my Jerry Banfield... ;-)

hahahah hey bro

I wonder what’s Jerry is doing nowadays..,

last i heard he self identifies as a black man these days... im serious too... look it up

i kinda missed the first stage of Jerry, not sure how :D i think he is still posting things.


he was a big of an OG, but hes gone cookie over the years