Check Your Hive Witness List and Unvote Dead Witness Accounts

in #hive13 days ago

Hi, everyone in Hive!

I am not technical enough to show you data from the chain but I remember reading some days ago a post about numerous accounts here in Hive that are still voting for defunct witness accounts. I was like that for a long period of time because my Hive witnesses list was just a copy of what I had from the old platform, Steemit. Until one day, I decided to just proxy @cadawg because I really do not have an idea who to vote for in Hive and I know for a fact @cadawg votes his witnesses with serious intent and backrgound investigation. Hahaha! Yep, seriously.

I am calling everyone, whom this post could reach, please review your witness list and make sure you are voting active witnesses so you can help the chain and these people who are actively making this platform work 24/7.

That's all for today, thanks for reading and have a good one!


Great job. I am not following any proxy but i did updated my witness list on HIVE.
Mainly i have voted those who are around or the projects i am involved in for example Splinterlands, Leofinance, 3Speak and some other projects or devs. We should vote for those who are doing continuous development on hive.
Great job.

Thanks for the proxy vote. I'll try my best 😅