SBI doesn't like HBI. What is going on? We have another circle jerk

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hbi wrote:

此B非彼B! HBI is not SBI! 'Hive Basic Income' is not 'Steem Basic Income'


Who cares!

I will downvote both circles, join me in the fight for #HIVE, I need your help

steembasicincome wrote:

We do not appreciate this third-party attempt to expropriate the trust we have built in the community, and we will defend that trust aggressively if it becomes necessary.


Here is the plan:

You guys, downvote each other
I will downvote both of you


Follow my downvote trail @abuse-signal /

Hello, I would like to know the reason for your negative vote ...😐

hi @mmmmkkkk311, could you please remove your downvote from my posts? I would greatly appreciate it ...
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Don't suck his dick just out of intimidation. MK is a douche and everyone knows it. SBI is here to stay. Sorry, but not sorry.

Excuse me, but I just want to post my photos without going into absurd wars that have nothing to do with me and that I didn't know either ... I don't suck anyone's cock. I prefer to live calmly as I have done so far ...
Thanks for your reply @derekrichardson

Ok, sorry. Maybe "kissing ass" is a better terminology. lol. You seem like a pretty cool person. But basically what I'm saying is don't let MK control you with the fear of his downvotes. I hope he downvotes all of my posts. That way it's crystal clear what a dumb ass he is. I have no fear, because I'm not here to get rich. I'm here to make friends and have fun. I posted my stuff on other sites (facebook, youtube, etc...) for years with $0 return... I'll happily do the same here.

@derekrichardson Thanks again for your advice, it is not about fear, it is that I try hard to contribute acceptable content to the platform and I am not used to this negative vote, especially when there is no just reason. My job is photography and now that I found a place where they finally began to value me, it seems unfair to me that, due to a war between them, they hurt me. I'm not here for a financial matter, but we all like to be valued in some way ...
Thank you very much for your answer my friend ...

Your quality content is exactly what is needed to help build and grow this blockchain. Unfortunately MK seems determined to hurt good content creators and therefore ultimately hurt his own investment. Which makes me wonder if he is also invested in something else that makes him view Steem/Hive as something to try to destroy? That or he's just that stupid. I feel it's the latter. And you know what they say... "you can't fix stupid". lol.

Did I end up on the shit list because I move my SBI from Steem to Hive? I still haven't bought any more shares. I just moved them on steem. To attack my work I am doing to promote @splinterlands and Hive makes very little sense to me. And you downvoted me way more than I get from the vote. Really why is your stance now I must remove all my HBI even if it was from the past before you started all this?

when you quote @sbi @steembasicincome reply ,why not downvote the post reply? His penis in your mouth?

do you have downvote all post of @sbi @steembasicincome? do it show me, don't say to me!



I pulled my SBI shares but they didn't send me any STEEM yet, this was a reminder.

Presume the downvotes were due to sending a memo.

I apologize, @tristancarax already explained it to me. Please reply to @ctime , he is my long time discord friend and following my downvote trail @abuse-signal (I already left him a message on discord)

@mmmmkkkk311 Hi, I have been reading a bit about SBI, I was unaware of the consequences. How can I withdraw my shares from SBI? I'd appreciate your help...
I would also appreciate it if your negative votes were reversed.

Get the refund from vote seller then I will remove my downvote

It is what I am trying but has not responded yet...

Thanks for taking the time to reverse, I actually didn't expect anything to happen but am glad of the outcome. I'll drop a note off with @ctime somewhere, thanks again!

You are a loser and everyone hates you. If that makes you happy... there is something mentally wrong with you. Which I highly suspect.

It's sort of obvious @mmmmkkkk311 is what i call an "MCI" or Mentally Confused Individual.