Farm BUSD with APR 3650%, Daily up to 10%, Referral 10% :))))

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How's it going? Are you looking for another DeFi opportunity?

Sounds insane and risky but as you know NO RISK NO FUN :)

I personally throw $150 and lets see what happens. Deposit is not refundable but you can claim your profit anytime (have to be done once every 24h otherwise it will stop)

How it works?

  1. You would need BUSD and Metamask (+BNB for transaction fees)
  2. Go to website:
  3. Activate your spend limit + Approve spending
  4. Than buy your farmers with same amount as you setup your spend limit

Good questions? feel free to ask in comments.

And thats it. Remember to claim once every 24h!
Hope it works for you.



I am not financial advisor.


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