#Hivepreneur T-Shirts Collection

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We are #HIVEPRENEURS. What’s your Superpower?

100% Organic Cotton. Based in UK. Worldwide shipping.

This design was created for the Hive Blockchain Community by my clothing brand NEOwear.

What is the Hive Blockchain?
Hive is a social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content.

We hope you love the idea of this and rock a #Hivepreneur shirt to represent!

Together, let’s change the world.

Mens/Unisex: https://neo-wear.teemill.com/product/-hivepreneur-white-black-unisex-organic-cotton-t-shirt/

Womens: https://neo-wear.teemill.com/product/-hivepreneur-white-women-organic-cotton-tee/

Who is NEO?
DJ, Vlogger, Co-Founder of NEOwear, Content Creator, Telos Eagle, Appics Ambassador, Cryptopreneur

WEBSITE: ►http://www.neopch.com

NEOwear Inspirational Clothing: ►http://www.neo-wear.com

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Keep up the good work. This is really lovely and awesome for the platform

Good to hear that! Glad that you like it. Thank you for your comment :)

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Love the black and red T-shirt gonna put it on my christmas wish list
Made you a hive ball
Stay safe new and when you want, we have plaveien discord the terminal


Let me know if I can spread your ball all over hive :)

Oh wow. Nice ball :)
Yes of course. Thank you.

We also made a merch room in the terminal discord for people to see what is available of hive
Hope you will sell a lot.

Sounds good. Can you give me a link please?

I hope you do some more designs, and maby get the "Your Voice Has Value" incorporated in.

There is so many good hive slogans!

Thanks for your comment. For now on I only do this slogan, maybe in the future will have some more :)

I hope someone will come out with stickers, I havnt seen anything like that yet, for my tailgate.

I will have a look if I can do something about it :)

I'll be your best customer!.<3

#Hivepreneur. This great, will like to have one.