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RE: Airdrop Proposals: My Stance

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If you can't afford everyone the same freedom you expect as long as no one is physically harmed, you yourself don't deserve freedom...

How can we trust Hive is going to be decentralized by those who single out those that disagree with them with punishments?

That's the equivelent of self-appointing themselves an authority. Vote or not...

I'm not seeing a true respect for the free speech from those that accused JS of stifling theirs. It seems free speech only applies to a certain perspective and that'll never be the case.

As long as one has the choice to give theirs away, they still had a choice and we should never punish such choices, because that makes us the hypocrites.

I'll never support JS or Steem as is, but I won't stoop to his level by hiding behind 'we must do this to defend our own freedoms'. We can ensure it'll never happen again through the code that will not infringe anyone's rights or appoint a few as sheriff's.


People still have their Steem. The airdrop was for Hive users/supporters. Your entire argument is incredibly flawed and if I have to point out just how it is flawed then you are nowhere near as much of a critical thinker as you represent yourself to be.

Just think about it... or not.

I find your perspective flawed. People also have the right to be wrong. Many have changed their minds...

Dissenting opinions are how more perspectives become known so the best decisions can be made.

You don't NEED TO SUPPORT a Decentralized infrastructure to be afforded the same as everyone else.

But, those that DON'T truly believe in equal freedom and Decentralization will disagree with me. 😀

We disagree, yet I don't want to deprive you of something you've earned because of it.

They earned their Steem just like we did. What other Blockchain has done such a thing? None that I know of, because they don't feel the need to be petty.

I fail to see how peoples' Steem earnings factor into the Hive airdrop. Please explain your thinking on this so that I can understand the perspective you are presenting.

Because only those that disagreed didn't have theirs mirrored. No other reason, just that they disagreed. That's punishment for a dissenting opinion and is wrong.

I don't understand how you can condone it myself, yet you aren't even trying to explain your position. Do I owe you something? Are you superior?

Please, sell your perspective.

I do not really have a position nor do I want one actually. When I read your initial comment I was like 'wow the irony of reading this on Hive by someone who seems to be passionately berating the airdrop!' I just could not (or would not) stop myself from chiming in.

If you disagree so strongly with the way things were handled why are you even here?

Did you get the airdrop and then send it all to @null to show your displeasure?

What? I had you pegged on our first interaction before Hive was even a thought. We won't get along.

How about you worry about you, considering you don't have a position AND refuse to see beyond black and white? Deal?

Hey I pegged you as the same (someone I wont get along with) but that never really stops me from communicating with folks. I tend to not let my personal opinions get in the way of communication as long as it is worthwhile.

As far as black and white... I am at a loss there because I am perpetually observing all the wonderful shades of gray.

No deals.