Discussions between @hooiyewlim and @palasatenea. A view about the Bitcoin and the FIAT.

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this is not my video, the author is Tailor Davis :)

The problem is how sure are we that China really got that much gold? Who to check that? Not too long ago one of China bank got less gold that it should have.

forykwhoy a las 15:24
or does it really have that much?

We don't need gold. Blockchain itself is good enough.

Gold will serve as alternative.

yeah you don't need gold at all, send all to me

Jacob Peacock (eXode Fan)hoy a las 15:36
Until gold is no longer used in electronics it will always have extreme value.

gold is super useful for a lot of things not only electronics, also with space exploration

For trading we don't need gold

Last time banknotes are back by gold but in the end it is easier to use paper money to trade.

Gold back cryptocurrency make no sense cause in the end nobody going to withdraw it to buy House. They will just sent the cryptocurrency to the receiver account.


As long as nobody go and abuse the system, than it will work fine. The only reason the current banking system failing is because somebody at the top make some stupid decision.

palasateneahoy a las 15:41
yes i agree on that but they're taking those decisions because the system allows it easily


look if you have a system easily manipulated always will be manipulation

hooiyewlimhoy a las 15:42
Blockchain will solve the problems a bit by limiting the power of decision making.

palasateneahoy a las 15:42
that was gold standard was there for, after the big crush was implemented to control the market and the speculation now you can print bazzillions on dollars and everyone is looking to other place like if nothing were happening

hooiyewlimhoy a las 15:59
taking a bath just now.

it will all depend on the head of the central bank to make wise decision. if he fuck up the decision making, everyone suffer.

history show most of the time they make mistake, so we now decided to go to blockchain to make sure a few person make the deicison together to make sure everyone is sane .

palasateneahoy a las 16:03
you can bet that they won't take the right decision, as the right decision would significate to blow out the bubble of the stock markets

the right decision would involve to have again a FIAT with an objetive measure with gold crypto or whatever but a measure, not like now that the FED prints millions from the thin air(editado)

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:06
my prediction for future is both will continue to exist to keep each other in check. both got their pro and con. but i won't trust china one

palasateneahoy a las 16:07
yes probably we will keep up like this, and i agree with you crypto is the future, but that future is a menace for the actual banking system

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:07
all company in china are own by the parties. Mean they can make sure the blockchain leader like hive witness to be their people.
just like what they do with Hong Kong

palasateneahoy a las 16:09
at the end hooiyewlim doesn't matter who has the power but what does with it, in USA the corporations have the power instead of the gov, in China the gov instead of the corporations, are different models but the loosers are the same

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:11
at least in USA you can appeal or sue, in china, no explaination needed. you can be arrested with warning. Lately a lot of USA youtuber are moving out of china because some begin to went missing. This are not some youtuber that do video against china, most are doing video promoting china.

palasateneahoy a las 16:12
hooiyew in USA if you're black they can kill you while you're arrested and if you aren't too, but you have way less possibilities of that

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:13
i am chinese in Malaysia, we are consider like second class citizen.

palasateneahoy a las 16:13
by who

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:13
the malay politician .
here majority are malay race.

palasateneahoy a las 16:14
ok, probably because they're racists

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:15
however their younger generation is having identity crisis due to this mindset. I am preserving their history so that in future national identity can build up.
our country politician messing with the education like removing the story of Hang Tuah, a famous Malay folklore . It was remove because there is a possibility that Hang Tuah is a chinese.

palasateneahoy a las 16:16

yeah they realized suddently that Malasyia and China had relationships mileniums ago

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:17
our history book cover oversea history more than our local history.

forykwhoy a las 16:18
The problem in my view is that I don't have an HPC (high performance computer) in my head that could read all these comments and feed my IO completely crazy like an overclocked fiber card, where the gbic is burning the cable on fire with the overpowered laser! LOl

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:18
it is not wonder my country local film full with rubbish story.

forykwhoy a las 16:19
IT guy... sorry

palasateneahoy a las 16:19
np forykw

yeah History is always problematic when you need to tell your citizens how bad other people are because demonstrates that all the population has been here and there and no one is originary

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:20
history is should not about telling how bad but telling it with respect and honour.

forykwhoy a las 16:21
I am going to say something stupid... but if we try to have this conversation on HIVE... it would be the most comment trending post today

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:21
the japan had a bloody history among the 10+ big clan family.

palasateneahoy a las 16:21
no, its not stupid

Jacob Peacock (eXode Fan)hoy a las 16:21
Not stupid indeed!

palasateneahoy a las 16:21
just we like to talk in "petit comiteé" which means small groups in french

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:22
you dont see them go and talk down of certain clan in their history book.

if they do that, i promise you a civil war might happen really fast.

palasatenea hoy a las 16:23
oh yes, Japan was plagged of civil wars in the feudal era, all the samurai stuff was for that reason

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:23
the british used to have a bloody war among the 3 kingdom.

palasateneahoy a las 16:24
maybe i would take that recomendation actually @forykw i'm always too lazy to post but im never so lazy for discussing these things here (editado)

Jacob Peacock (eXode Fan)hoy a las 16:24
Just copy and paste all this into a post!(editado)

forykwhoy a las 16:24
let's try? lets stop here... create a post I reblog... lets continue there! lOL(editado)

hooiyewlimhoy a las 16:25
if you read the history about british, they did mention who do bad thing but never really go and talk down somebody.
I wish i can take the history course in british.

palasateneahoy a las 16:25
hooiyewlim where do we start from, you think here is fine?
taking a bath just now.


Experimenting chatting on HIVE =)

Why @hooiyewlim ?

to make exode easier to reach japan market, we need to create a yamato ship card

It is very popular in japan Cultural, it will help to get some to join if they see something they can relate to.

I see... interesting. I kind of relate to that in some sense, now that you mention it, but on other things from my country. So yes, interesting strategy indeed.

I guess that the Yamato was always fancy, big guns you know? who doesn't like big guns in a battleship.

I loved the one on Starcraft! Definitely like the idea of the tech.

Oh yes! I played Starcraft also the Yamato Gun was cool when you had the battle won. Especially in multiplayer.

What league you were on (best ever)...? I should have said that I played SC 1 and 2 =)

I think that my best league was Platinum, I played some years ago, was still in the second expansion of the SC II, but i've played to the first too.

That's not bad... I have reached diamond on 2v2... with a friend. For almost a month... 3v3 was hard to be diamond but we got once as much as I remember! Good times. Now, I am a disaster.

Nice experiment!

Welcome to join the conversation... still active... at least for the next 30 min...

@hooiyewlimhoy at 16:21
the japan had a bloody history among the 10+ big clan family.

I wonder if that would create amazing game experiences! I always loved history and culture as a result of conquering pressure between 1000-1750... ish stuff.

By the way... are you done with the bath!?

I just want to chime in here with this article for those that want to learn more about DCEP China's national gold backed cryptocurrency. https://boxmining.com/dcep/

There is no mention of the technology algo... Any repo?

The technology behind it is mentioned here: https://boxmining.com/blockchain-service-network-china/
But as far as a repo I have yet to find anything.

You can find this link on the Github site but I think that I should include it here as well. http://fisco-bcos.org/

As a side note the thing that I find most interesting about the entire project is that it (the underlying technology) apparently (if I am reading things correctly) will have the ability to operate with multiple types of blockchain concurrently.

Yeah... in crypto, I have learned... to undermine, anything that is "not yet" public. Not because is not good or nonsense... but because I can't contribute to =)

Unfortunately these kinds of experiments need planning... but I would love to see them as a reality... challenge! Making an app to work these works of these...


#dbuzz and others might should be looking at this kind of solutions! I guess...

Yes, athough there is a chat for hive i think..., you can't publish the convos automatically, so if you want to start a debate you need to do it at the classic way, i guess that some solutions for this could make dapplr interesting. Or Dbuzz anyone interested in provide apps for Hive actually.

There was HiveMessage but it looks like it is no longer operational.

Sad, i think that is a good idea to have an own messaging system

Yeah. I have brought it up several times but it never seems to gain any traction. A lot of Hive users mention it actually. I think that it is a huge disadvantage to have a social media site that lacks messaging. There is of course the Memo method but imagine fishing through the transaction history to find a message!

yeap... I am sure someone will want to experiment on the space eventually.

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