I can teach you how to set it up. I’m using off the shelf services. HiveRSS + IFTTT. No proprietary code needed. I’ll publish a post in the next few days with step by step instructions.

It would be cool to package everything up into one app, with a web UI to configure and connect to your Twitter account. More future work.

I forgot to mention I also helped set up a similar system for @derekrichardson and the SoCal Hive community.

Very cool! I'll have to dig in to see what I can put together. I won't be able to use HiveRSS though because I'll want the trending to go off SPORTS token distribution vs Hive. I guess I can give it a shot with another RSS feed on IFTTT though.

Ok cool, I’m not sure how I could support SPORTS token distribution. HiveRSS is open source on GitHub if you want to take a look.

My google skills are still sleeping apparently this morning. Any chance you have a link to the git?