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RE: "Open Letter" ¡To whom it may concern!

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Very good theory, speculation and conclusion my friend. :)

It is already too evident and astonishing in how much and so much has been what they have anesthetized and dumbed down to the majority of the content creators in Hive. The creativity, authenticity, quality and value of what is now published on the platform is of a dreadful and frightening attractiveness which is difficult to tolerate. Especially with what outsiders might stumble upon on Hive's stellar pages without being logged in. (trending & hot page) ¡Wadda load of insufferable trash!

Yeah, those at the top here cannot afford the luxury that some thought provoking and truly quality content be produced in the platform that could attract the real big sharks with inexhaustible capital and resources to displace them away from their temporarily privileged position and they can't continue filling their pockets with ease.

What they need and are looking for is only attract poor, obedient, servile and ignorant slaves that follow their instructions without protest to continue mining the inflation of the rewards pool tirelessly and thus continue to line their own filthy pockets without any effort from their part.

Which destroys the blatant lie every time they open their big mouths implying the opposite. Implying that what they really want is to improve the quality of the platform's content in order to attract large investors who contribute to the greater and better appreciation of our cryptocurrency for the benefit of everyone.

¿What kind of serious, truly big investors would be interested in investing in our platform if all they can see is the unseemly lack of quality of the content that is being produced now?


Well said. I have early here vigorously opposed a certain clique that claimed to be flagging posts that didn't advance the interests of the platform specifically, implying that only posts that specifically dealt with the platform, it's mechanics, or it's virtues merited the votes of the audience those posts had. Of course I was right, and they were wrong, but what I am often toooooooo slooooooow to grasp is that disingenuity our profiteering baby sharks employ to conceal the real reasons for their actions.

I would go on at length with sound arguments about which they cared not a fig, and eventually abut up to a resounding 'We disagree.' regardless of reason or relevant facts at issue. It took me years to realize such claims were baseless, and intentionally diverted me from the actual matters at hand, which were avoidance of such success that a bit of outside capital would become interested in the lunch of such pretty predators as we have here.

As a hopeless romantic, swimming in principle, I am easily managed with no more whip and chair than a bit of misdirection, I have learned.