Our new mini bike...

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Coleman 196cc Mini Bike - $600.00 New

First Ride!

My husband and I got ourselves a new ride. It sat in my living room for about 2 weeks. Now that the snow has melted off of our street, we were able to finally get it out for its first ride. Today was a beautiful day for it, so we figured, why not?

I think he enjoyed it!!

We were out shopping for our chickens because they needed some food. So we went to Tractor Supply Company, and there, we saw this Mini Bike, and my husband said to the guy that worked there, "I will be back next week to get this!" At that time the bike was $699.00...

This is Awesome!!!

We went back the next week to see if it was still there, and sure enough, it was and, it was on sale! Sale price $599.00! We bought it and took it home. Now it's getting nice enough to be able to enjoy it outside instead of the cats enjoying it in my living room..

That is all I have for now. I hope everyone is having a warm and blessed day! Until next time...